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  • 24 Jul 2014

Tyler Packaging relaunches website

Tyler Packaging, a specialist supplier of flexible packaging for human food, pet food and garden products, has relaunched its website following an extensive overhaul and redesign which sees it mobile-ready and better equipped to more accurately showcase the firm’s product portfolio.

The new website is designed to convey a ‘true representation’ of Tyler Packaging’s product offering. When looking at an individual product page such as its flat base pouches, for instance, prospective customers are presented with a highly detailed, fully rotatable, 3D model of the product which they can use to determine the item’s key features. The product page includes example images as well as additional information about all of the product’s characteristics and qualities.

Importantly, the website is fully optimised for use on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, meaning that Tyler Packaging’s product range can be viewed at a prospective customer’s convenience.

Adam Kay, sales and technical director at Tyler Packaging, said: ‘In the fast-paced world of today, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition. We constantly look to innovate where possible when it comes to products and it’s important that this is reflected in our website. After all, our homepage is in essence the public face of what we do. Therefore it’s key for us to project the correct image.

‘The website is our opportunity to showcase our wares in the online market place. We wanted to give prospective customers as much information as possible for them to form a judgement on our capabilities. By displaying a high level of detail online, we hope to reflect the attention to detail that we produce in reality. The inclusion of a call-back form on the product page makes it easy for customers to register their interest and to give us the chance to elaborate on what we can offer.’

Kay concluded: ‘Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming the medium of choice through which people access the internet. If we want to keep in touch with our target market, then we need to be as accessible as possible and we have to keep abreast of the latest technologies.’