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  • 05 Feb 2007

Green Bay Packaging offers complete line of wine label stocks

The coated products operations of Green Bay Packaging now offers a wide range of quality pressure sensitive wine label stocks, including the popular Estate Label and Classic Crest label lines, all specifically designed to meet the needs of the wine label industry.

In addition to offering the traditional wine label stocks, Green Bay Packaging has an extensive offering of coated and uncoated materials from which to choose. The company 'can design a custom wine label structure combining any of its many face stocks, adhesives and liners to create a unique look to match each distinctive wine', according to a statement.

All of the wine label face stocks have 'superior wet strength to resist tearing and puckering in moist environments', the statement continued. 'For white wine and champagne, which are chilled and often immersed in ice, the durable labels will maintain their original appearance.'

Green Bay Packaging offers two adhesive options to meet the specific needs of its customers. One label adhesive (747) has a quick tack that forms an immediate bond to the bottle and adheres permanently; the other adhesive (720) has short-term repositionability, which provides the ability remove a misapplied label before it forms a permanent bond.