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  • 17 May 2019

Matho adds CB-100 baler and CB-1000 baler to Cuttobag range

Matho adds CB-100 baler and CB-1000 baler to Cuttobag range

Matho has developed CB-100 baler and CB-1000 baler, two new systems within its Cuttobag series.

Beside the well-known big bag systems Cuttobag CB-100 (bag capacity: 300l) and Cuttobag CB-1000 (bag capacity: 1x 1000l or 2x 1000l) the new products are intended as an enlargement of the Matho product program for single-machine systems and machine-group systems including ultra-compact balers.

The Cuttobag CB-100 baler is a single-machine system for one matrix machine and has a baler included with a 250mm width waste exit. The CB-1000 baler is designed for machine groups with 4-5 matrix machines. This baler has a 400mm width waste exit.

Matho states the benefits of both systems as:

  • Reduction of waste volume;
  • Reduction of machine stops;
  • Ultra-compact design;
  • No bag changes needed any longer; and
  • Retrofitting to existing Cuttobag systems. 


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