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  • 15 Dec 2011

Shuttleworth launches Electronic Proof of Delivery

Shuttleworth Business Systems has launched Electronic Proof of Delivery (POD), which is claimed to improve efficiency and accuracy to the delivery of any finished goods or services.

Electronic POD gives the ability to provide delivery information directly to mobile devices for delivery drivers without additional input as the information is fully integrated with their Shuttleworth MIS. The delivery personnel simply request the customer to sign the device upon receipt of any goods. The electronic POD is immediately sent back to the Shuttleworth System via 3G and attaches itself to the job file. Emails are then sent automatically to the end customer to tell them their goods have been delivered.

The new development addresses the need for printers to be in total control of every aspect of production including the final delivery, says the company. This addition is part of the latest version of the Shuttleworth system, version 5, released in October.

Andy King, joint managing director of Shuttleworth, said: ‘Electronic POD gives real control to an increasingly costly area of the business. It brings a degree of automation to what is historically, a manual process. The efficiency it delivers, speed and improved customer service is simply brilliant and is essential for any business carrying out deliveries.’

This latest software is delivered via the cloud and Shuttleworth is offering a monthly rental for users. The user simply needs a web enabled mobile device to get the benefits of electronic POD.

Pictured: Shuttleworth's Electronic Proof of Delivery

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