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  • 28 Jun 2018

Source Labels launches Utroque

Source Labels launches Utroque

Source Labels has launched Utroque, a patented double-sided labeling system.

The technology uses both sides of the release liner and will benefit all label applications, in particular, the ‘hand applied’, ‘food to go’, logistics and FMCG sectors.

Tim Lowe, Source Labels managing director, said: ‘The biggest environmental and cost reduction label innovation in 50 years, the unique Utroque double-sided solution also offers huge benefits in terms of responsive, streamlined operations.’

‘The user of double-sided labels will reduce their release liner consumption by 50 percent, material weight by up to 40 percent and realize further savings on reduced stock movements and logistics while shrinking the company’s carbon footprint. There’s also a probable cost reduction up to 25 percent alongside the market kudos of supporting green practices.

Utroque technology can be added to existing labeling lines with minimal or no adjustment, no decline in productivity and no capital expenditure, enabling hassle-free implementation.


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