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  • 23 Apr 2019

Toshiba launches rotary cutter for B-EX6T1 printer

Toshiba launches rotary cutter for B-EX6T1 printer

Toshiba TEC has announced the availability of a new high-speed rotary cutter option for its B-EX6T1 printers. Because it cuts labels on the fly and without interrupting the print process or the media feed, the B-EX206-R-QM-S cutter increases printer throughput.

Maximum throughput with the new cutter option is eight inches per second, which in a typical application means that 10 labels can be printed and cut in approximately three seconds, whereas a printer fitted with a conventional disc cutter would take around 12 seconds to complete the same task. These time savings – claimed to be four times as quick as a conventional cutter – enable cost reductions and productivity gains to be achieved in high-volume applications.

The B-EX206-R-QM-S cutter option is available for B-EX6T1 printers. Intended primarily for industrial applications, these printers combine state-of-the-art technology with usability, reliability and the 
lowest possible total cost of ownership, according to the company. They are heavy-duty devices that have been designed to provide dependable operation and maximum uptime in challenging operating environments, yet they are said to be easy and convenient to use.

The features included as standard with B-EX6T1 printers comprise a long-life print head, a unique ‘ribbon save’ mode and an 800m long ribbon.


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