Indian converter JK Labels remains confident during second wave

India’s second wave of coronavirus at the end of Q1 2021 forced companies to reconsider opening offices. But essential businesses such as JK Labels have stayed operational with safety measures in place. 
Indian converter JK Labels remains confident during second wave
The New Year that began with optimism and hope for businesses ended in bitter disappointment in April 2021 as the second wave – much more severe than the first – engulfed India. Non-essential businesses went back to working from home while essential businesses tightened their safety measures.
Being an essential service provider, JK Labels is taking necessary measures at its office and production facility in Mumbai for smooth and safe operations during these trying times.
Rahul Kapur, director, says: ‘We were confident back then (in 2020) that we would make it through this tricky period and we maintain the same level of optimism today as well. Of course, like everyone else, we also had to adapt and build on new business models to function during these times.’
He says that his team has been making efforts to learn to adapt to the new working conditions and find ways to work within the restrictions on movement imposed by governments of different states.
‘For example, members of our sales team would in general love to meet clients, but they have had to find new methods of working such as Zoom meetings and WhatsApp video calls. It’s been a period where we have all been filled with curiosity, which drives us to experiment and learn new methods of working.
‘We have been fortunate to have had a team where each employee is helping and motivating each other to do better and achieve more, which in turn has helped us get back to pre-Covid levels of business.’
As per its growth plan for 2019-2024, JK Labels expanded production capacity in September 2018 by investing in a third Gallus EM 280 flexo press and a Prati label inspection machine. More recently, the company invested in an A B Graphic RTS sheeter supplied by Vinsak, the UK manufacturer’s India distributor.
‘I would say we have sufficient spare capacity to work with new clients,’ adds Kapur.
The converter is also taking several safety measures at its facilities for the well-being of staff and smooth operations.
The 30 percent of the team who were keen on coming to work, but were apprehensive about traveling every day, stayed at the office for three months last year. Tiffin services and mattresses were arranged for them to sleep comfortably at the office.
Employees are checked daily for temperature and oxygen levels. Disinfectant machines and sprays are used to clean the premises before working hours. Disinfectants such as Dettol antiseptic liquid, potassium permanganate and sodium hypochlorite are used for daily cleaning. Employees have been given cotton masks and sanitizer bottles. Every office is equipped with sanitizers.
The staff is regularly trained on the importance of hygiene, cleanliness, social distancing and wearing masks. A daily stock check is done for cleaning and hygiene supplies.
The employees are also being educated on the importance of getting vaccinated. Most of the employees above the age of 45 have taken their first jab.


Akanksha Meena is the Global Brands Editor for Labels and Labelling

Akanksha Meena

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