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  • 15 Sep 2013

Labelexpo Europe 2013 exhibitor preview

Packprint World details some of the suppliers relevant to package printing that will be exhibiting at Labelexpo Europe 2013

Conventional press technology

Goss International
Stand 7L22

Goss International is to show its Sunday Vpak web offset presses (pictured, top) for label, folding carton, flexible packaging and pre-print applications. The specialized Goss Sunday Vpak presses were designed from the ground up to allow packaging producers to fully exploit the productivity, print quality, process automation and low-cost short-run agility advantages of the latest advances in web offset technology. Quick-change sleeve technology allows infinitely variable repeat settings within the design range of each press model, while force-loaded cylinders extend the versatility, accommodating a wide range of substrates and callipers.

Nuova Gidue
Stand 11R20 and 11Q28

Nuova Gidue will present a trio of new Digital Flexo press lines and a new entry-level model, featuring 18 enhancements. Based on the Nuova Gidue Digital Flexo project, the new technologies will deliver closed-loop automation of press operations, standardization of press performances, digital flow networking, all-in-one-pass production, and best-in-class productivity, waste and set-up times for the labels and packaging industries. The new M3 DF offers Digital Flexo technology for a wide range of supported and unsupported substrates.

Stands 7L60 and 7L90

Nilpeter is introducing two new flexo presses, and in-line ancillaries, including the FA-4* for printing labels and flexible packaging. The FA-4* has a web width of 420mm (16.5in), an extra short web path and a top speed of 175m/min. (574 ft./min). It will also launch the FB-3, with a top speed of 228m/min (750ft/min) on webs up to 350mm (13.75in) wide.


Italian press manufacturer Omet is to continue its 50th birthday celebrations at Labelexpo Europe 2013. This will include a major upgrade to its Varyflex platform, which are now available in larger widths, up to 850mm. Omet said this overhaul has the objective of bringing the Varyflex in direct competition with traditional larger presses for packaging printing. Omet will also show the XFlex X6 with offset groups with sleeves and the XFlex X4.


MPS will use the show to expand its EF flexo press line to three versions; a standard model with a basic automation package, while two additional packages can be configured to increase the productivity of the EF press. MPS will also unveil its new EB cost-effective flexo press, and its UV LED dryer technology. The theme of the MPS stand will be “The Choice is Yours” to illustrate the range of presses now offered by MPS in response to market demand.

Stand 7M60

Edale will be showing its next generation label and flexible packaging press, the FL-3. Edale’s priority when designing the FL-3 was to create a press tailored specifically to the label market, with the scope to venture into flexible packaging applications should customer demands change. As a result, the FL-3 offers quick set-up times whilst generating minimal waste. The impression pre-setting system allows the operator to set the impression once they can then change between repeats without the need to reset. As well as this, the company will be promoting its Gamma machine – the Gamma is a highly versatile platform, with the "plug and play" converting section allowing users to swap in and out of different converting, laminating, winding or printing options to facilitate the production of value-added products. The Gamma press allows for printing on a wide range of substrates with typical applications varying from labels, flexible packaging and cartons.

Müller Martini
Stand 5D40

Müller Martini will be showcasing the numerous options that its printing press range offers for the production of labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging. Visitors will learn first-hand about the latest developments for the VSOP and Alprinta V printing presses, with a focus on pre-press and print finishing, through to the printing process itself. Both variable size printing presses enable a high degree of diversity in offset printing. The integration of flexo, rotogravure and digital printing for package printing is possible, as are a wide range of in-line finishing processes for print products.

Stand 7M58

Multitec will be showcasing its Ecoflex VSi press on its stand. The press configuration, as sold to a customer in Zambia, will include large diameter chilled drum impression rolls, UV mounted on the chill roll for unsupported film capability, short web path, quick-change plate cylinders, open access print units and a servo driven in-feed system. The latest development in this press is the new die-cutting unit, which is capable of cutting odd shaped dies and rewinding the complex waste patterns at high speeds. Also on display will be the movable cold foil, movable turnbar on rails and a newly developed delam-relam system, also on rails.

Digital printing

iSys Label
Stand 12U108

iSys Label will show the Edge 850 and Apex 1290, short to mid run digital printing systems to deliver high-resolution graphics, photos and barcodes on an array of die-cut, kiss-cut and continuous roll substrates for any market or industry.


Xeikon will have it strongest presence yet at a label show at this year’s Labelexpo Europe, and will show both technical and application developments. This includes the launch of ICE, the first dry toner capable of printing on PE; 3300 and 3500 digital label presses; and software. Further, printers who requested digital print samples through Xeikon’s See the Proof campaign will be able to pick up their samples from the Xeikon stand in hall 9. Xeikon’s digital printing capabilities will also be showcased daily in the package printing feature area in hall 12.

HP Indigo
Print your Future, Patio

HP Indigo will play host to the Print Your Future area, accessible from both halls 5 and 9, where it will showcase a number of printing solutions for the labels and packaging markets, as well as allow key industry partners to present. This includes the likes of Highcon, AB Graphic, Michelman, Tresu and Kama. This will present visitors to the area with information on HP Indigo’s own developments, such as the 20000 flexible packaging and 30000 folding carton presses, and the pre-press, finishing and consumables available to printers looking at digital printing as a way to enhance their operations.

Stand 9H57

Durst will launch the Tau 330 UV inkjet press with in-line digital laser finishing system at Labelexpo Europe 2013, as well as showcase the new Tau low-migration UV Inks from Sunjet. Durst says the Tau 330 together with the ink will expand the range of suitable applications for unsupported foils, such as blister packs and yogurt lids.


Taghleef Industries
Stand 5A75

Taghleef Industries will show a range of films for packaging and label applications, including its new Nativia generation of biaxially-oriented packaging films made of PLA. Other products are to include BOPP and BOPLA bio-based films.

Inks and coatings


Ruco will be showcasing its range of products for the decoration of high-quality, eye-catching labels, with a special focus on a new opaque white that is suitable for two different printing methods. 900UV1437 can be applied using both UV screen printing and UV flexographic printing, and comes in a low-viscosity and silicone-free formulation. It is highly reactive so that good curing and adhesion can be achieved even at high machine speeds. The ink has outstanding flow properties and is excellently suited for overprinting with UV flexographic, offset and letterpress inks. It offers good adhesion to a wide range of different substrates, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester and PVC, as well as paper and cardboard. It is also suited for over-embossing with standard hot embossing films.

Stand 11P100

Zeller+Gmelin will show a range of UV inks developed for the label and packaging market for UV flexo, UV offset, UV waterless offset, EB offset, UV letterpress and UV screen. New developments include: UVALUX U70, a new UV offset ink offering designed to offer special adhesion properties on critical non-absorbent substrates like metalized film or cardboard; UV LED offset process inks, suitable for printing on temperature-sensitive substrates; and UVALUX varnishes and lacquers.

Flint Group
Stand 5B45

Flint Group will exhibit an expansive range of inks for all narrow web applications at Labelexpo Europe 2013, and will unveil new ink innovations including EkoCure UV LED inks and Lithocure Ancora low-migration UV offset inks for food label and package printing. The Speakers’ Corner area of the Flint stand will see discussions on new ink innovations, industry trends and food packaging topics. Attendees will also have an opportunity to ask the experts about these topics, and more.

Pulse Roll Label Products
Stand 7L117

Pulse Roll Label Products is to show new UV flexo inks, UV curable varnishes for wine labels and screen varnishes for high build, tactile or Braille applications. One of the new UV inks has been developed to give optimum adhesion on a wide range of impervious substrates rationalizing the use for just one ink, while the other is an ultra-high strength series developed to meet the demands of today’s high speed printing presses using HD plates with very fine screen aniloxes. Pulse will also launch its own-brand UV flexo bright silver ink. Varnishes for digitally printed webs are available in gloss through to super-matte finishes as siliconized and overprintable/blockable versions. New screen varnishes have been formulated to optimize the adhesion properties for improved abrasion resistance. These varnishes can be used on a wide range of label and packaging substrates, such as antique wine label papers and synthetic substrates, using established flexo and rotary screen processes. UV rotary screen varnishes have also been specifically developed for Braille fonts. These include those used for pharmaceutical packaging, allowing the printed image to meet current CEN standards for dot heights, as well as other formulations suited for high build applications such as warning triangles.


Marabu is to highlight its competence in rotary and flatbed screen printing, as well as digital, through inks. In the rotary screen printing sector, it will show the UltraRotaScreen UVSF and UVRS. Marabu is also responding to the growth in UV LED curing, with Ultrapack LEDC, applicable for both rotary and flatbed screen printing. Further new solutions presented at the show include extremely glossy 3D metallic effects through screen printing followed by hot stamping.



Swiss adhesives specialist Collano will present its system for UV curable pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives. Collano collaborated with UV lamp specialist Heraeus to develop a system that can yield 85 percent energy savings over conventional UV curing methods. The eco-friendly, UV curable pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives are solvent-free, adhere to a wide range of substrates and are suitable for self-adhesive coatings, even on heat-sensitive labelstocks.

Finishing and converting

API Foils
Stand 6I10

API Foils will be displaying its latest hot and cold foil technologies, and promote the latest developments in cold foil technologies. API Foils’ technical team will be on the stand discussing the considerations needed at every stage of the cold foiling process. API Foils will also be displaying its hot foiling products, as the company understands that decorative foil is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Hot foil is recognised as the premium solution, creating a true mirror-shine effect.

ITW Foils
Stand 6J30

At Labelexpo 2013, ITW Foils is going to present its in-line decorative process, ITW EcoCast. EcoCast is an efficient holographic process in which effects are applied directly to printed sheets on press by means of a reusable holographic film and a UV varnish, which is dried by UV light. Unlike other holographic options, this process creates an illusion, with no actual transfer of substance. UV-casted boards and papers contain no film, so they are recyclable and compostable, assuming all other products and processes used are sustainable as well. The production process itself also does not emit volatile organic compounds.

Rolling Optics

Rolling Optics has developed a new generation of micro-printed 3D foils to differentiate packaging and products in store, and to authenticate original products. Whether transparent or opaque, the 3D foil can be used in labels, over-laminates, window and sealing applications. Both overt and covert features can be integrated and the 3D foil used in security and authentication labels to eliminate the risk of packaging tampering and to protect against counterfeiting. The material is flexible and gives brand owners the freedom to decide motif, color, depth and size to match the look and feel of their corporate brand identity.

Delta Industrial
Stand 6J130

Delta Industrial will show Mod-Tech, a custom converting system for the die-cutting and lamination of challenging materials. The system will feature a variety of processes including multiple rotary die cuts, tight registration and lamination capabilities. Other Delta systems may include additional capabilities such as semi-rotary, full rotary and laser cutting.

Print Your Future area, Patio

Highcon is to exhibit at Labelexpo Europe 2013 as a partner of HP, and will be showcasing packages produced by the Highcon Euclid digital cutting and creasing machine. The Highcon Euclid incorporates the patent-pending DART system to produce creases and high-speed laser optics to cut sheets up to 760 x 1060mm (30 x 42in), enabling output from both conventional and digital presses. Highcon will also be arranging visits to see live demonstrations at the Plantin-Tetterode Highcon demo centre in Brussels, close to the exhibition centre.


Prati’s presence will focus on the new VEGAplus IML series and Jupiter 530. The VEGAplus IML is a converting machine for in-mold label production featuring an unwinder able to operate with large-size mother reels, die-cutting with insetting function and conveyor to take the finished labels to the stacker, where they are automatically pilled so as to make packaging easier for the operator. The Jupiter 530 is designed for processing film and unsupported material thanks to dedicated accessories, such as the Wizarm, capable of rewinding film substrates on a single winder. The spacers ensure precise rewinding of the material, while a flow of air exiting from micro holes eliminates any friction of the material being processed and preserves its integrity.

Stand 11R118

Matho will show a new baler press system, designed as a compact unit for edge trims and/or matrix waste from one or more production machines.

Plates and platemaking

AV Flexologic
Stand 11S85

AV Flexologic will be exhibiting in cooperation with Toyobo, and showing its FAMM HS fully-automatic plate mounting machine with carousel. This machine can mount eight cylinders or sleeves with flexo printing plates in the correct positions in one sequence, meaning it can mount up to 800 sleeves or cylinders per day with a minimum of interference from the operator. Toyobo will show its Cosmolight and Printight printing plates.

Tectonic International

Tectonic International will show both print inspection and plate mounting equipment on its stand, including systems from passive inspection through to 100 percent inspection of the whole web at full press speed, and the established Flexico V5 and V50 plate mounting machines. The patented V series plate mounting machines are the only machines available to provide a bed for the plate that has front to back and lateral adjustment for perfect registration, Tectonic says.

Stand 11S100

Tresu will show its new iCoat 30000 coater for sheet-fed digital carton that enables selective varnishing using interchangeable coating agents. It will be exhibited at the HP Indigo stand in hall 9, working alongside the new HP Indigo 30000 printer where it will form a full digital process line. The Ancillary aznd Concept divisions of Tresu show other products, such as the F10 iCon ink supply system, sealed chambered doctor blade systems that enable direct foam-free transfer of ink/coating to anilox cells, and a modular, uniquely configured mid-web printing and converting line for label, film and carton and packaging in widths up to 1,300mm (51.2in).


Flexo Wash
Stand 7L45

Flexo Wash has redeveloped its FW Handy XLA anilox roll cleaner so it can now deep-clean four rolls at the same time. Flexo Wash’s parts washers have also been improved, and can now be customized to a higher degree, and the company has developed a machine to clean flat screens. The PK flat screen wash system allows customers to clean two flat screens simultaneously. These products will be showcased by Flexo Wash, alongside its plate washers, which can clean 20m of plates in one hour.

Stand 6G112

Meech International is showcasing its full web cleaning and static control ranges, including the recently launched Hyperion bars, the 971IPS and 929 IPS, and CyClean, its non-contact web cleaning system. For substrates such as paper or board that typically carry higher contamination levels, there is the Meech VacClean contact vacuum system.


Advanced Vision Technology
Stand 6H60

Advanced Vision Technology (AVT) will introduce its new hologram inspection system. The 100 percent automatic inspection system combines traditional print inspection technologies, holographic foils inspection and hologram print applications. It is comprised of a combination of unique illumination and optics developed by AVT, and will debut as the first 100 percent inspection system in the market that can inspect all foils and holograms without the need for a second or third optic head on a printing press or doctor machine. AVT will also introduce the next generation of its established PrintFlow print quality database, with an upgraded user interface, a new roll map display and expanded production management capabilities.

Stand 7N115

EyeC is focused on high performance inspection systems for the printing, food and drink, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and its product line includes systems for the printing of labels, foils, folding boxes and package inserts. The EyeC Proofiler is an off-line print inspection and proofing system designed for pre-press file-to-file comparison, press set-up, as well as incoming and outgoing quality checks. Additionally, the Proofiler can check Braille and verify barcodes. EyeC ProofRunner is the in-line counterpart to the Proofiler. The ProofRunner offers automatic 100 percent inspection, content verification based on the previously approved image.

Stand 6H165

Eltromat will show a range of print inspection technologies, such as the webvideo_star, twin_check 2.0, inco_check and work_flow systems. The new generation of Eltromat’s twin_check 2.0 100 percent print inspection system will be displayed for the first time, and is based on a new illumination unit, including RGB line scan cameras, which doubles the resolution. Even reflective materials or holograms can be inspected without pseudo errors. For web viewing, the webvideo_star is now equipped with a new processing unit that makes the system completely scalable. Customers can choose to add different modules, such as a barcode or sample inspection system, or, if 100 percent inspection is required, the webvideo_star can be upgraded to a complete twin_check 2.0 and/or in-line color measurement.

Troika Systems

Troika Systems will show its quality control products designed to save time in press set-up for all flexo and gravure printers, and will be including two new items: P2P HD and an anilox roll volumetric calibration system. Plate 2 Print HD (P2P HD) has been designed to be a simple to use optical microscope for quality control on both plates and print. The new P2P HD has a five-megapixel array, with three zoom levels for

analyzing print from a distance, and progressively moves into the print for closer analysis. The second new product has been developed to achieve the correct color density. The Troika system allows accurate volumetric calibration based on the mathematical measurements of spheres. Other products to be shown are the Anilox QC with anilox management system, Gravure QC with cylinder management system and FlexoPlate QC.

PC Industries
Stand 7L125

PC Industries will be showing its Guardian PQV 100 percent print defect detection system, Guardian OLP off-line proofing system, Guardian Mini low-cost, customizable inspection system and Graphic-Vision GV500 series digital web viewers. PC Industries’ Guardian PQV and Mini systems feature the high-resolution cameras, GS1 datamatrix barcode decoding and OCR capabilities needed to verify and certify pharmaceutical packaging under the EU Falsified Medicines Directive. The PQV uses high-resolution line scan cameras, making it perfect for a variety of narrow to wide web and sheet-fed applications. The versatile Mini uses area scan cameras to provide inspection for narrow web, sheet-fed and packaging applications, and focused fields of inspection for verification of print features. The Guardian OLP is used off-press to verify production samples against customer-approved artwork. It provides layout dependent verification of text and graphical elements. The newest additions to PC Industries’ web viewer line are the Graphic-Vision GV500 series digital web viewers. These easy-to-use systems showcase high-tech features including higher resolution cameras for exceptional image quality, touchscreen interface and long-lasting LED lighting.

Ancillary equipment

Harper Corporation of America
Stand 11P135

Global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation of America will deliver briefings on how its programs, services, surface technology and engravings can enhance efficient print repeatability and improve profitability. Harper representatives will be on hand to provide answers to questions regarding the company's latest developments, including the new HEX division, HarperScientific products and anilox engraving technologies. Furthermore, Harper will have on display the highly popular patent pending Phantom QD ink proofing system, plate sleeve and bridge sleeve designed to decrease downtime and minimize make ready.

Martin Automatic
Stand 7K90

Martin Automatic, will be exhibiting the latest versions of its MBS unwind/splicer and the LRD rewinder. The new compact MBS is designed for the label and narrow web markets, and is capable of running a wide variety of substrates. The latest version comes with new standard features that include ultrasonic sidelay sensors and spiral grooved rollers for handling film, paper, pressure-sensitive label stock, paperboard, tube laminates and filter media. The latest LRD transfer rewinder handles 800mm diameter rolls as standard, with larger diameter models available. New touchscreen controls include recipe functions so operators can quickly and easily store and recall the winding parameters of repeat jobs. The optional in-line slitter package has been enhanced to offer lateral adjustment of the slitter and anvil roller assembly for quicker set-up, fine tuning and changeover between jobs. The LRD offloads finished rolls automatically via one of several standard doffing ramp designs for full width, multiple ribbon or loosely wound rolls, without the need of a cart.

Cheshire Anilox Technology
Stand 6H45

Cheshire Anilox Technology is to launch a new engraving system for UV printing applications, MaxfloUV, which maximizes the ink flow within the cells offering higher ink transfer at high speeds. The new engraving is particularly suited to be used with the latest generation of high-strength UV inks offering a more even and consistent lay down without over inking and spitting. Other systems to be shown by Cheshire Anilox Technology include Proflo, an engraving specifically developed for HD printing, and EasyFlo HD, for high-opacity whites.

Apex Group of Companies

Apex Group of Companies will show its lightweight series of UltraCell anilox rolls, the ReadyRoll advance in-stock roll program and GTTLABEL. The patented GTTLABEL roller employs an open slalom ink channel geometry allowing ink to “flow” precisely onto a printing plate. For those printers who don’t require the high quality and precision that GTT yields, Apex offers its UltraCell and UltraCell+ conventional anilox rollers with an improved ceramic layer and all surface engravings possible.

JM Heaford
Stand 5E85

JM Heaford will be exhibiting and demonstrating four of its mounters and proofers. Included is the award-winning FTS model design, which simplifies and speeds up the mounting process. Other mounters on the stand will include sleeve and cylinder versions, tape dispensing systems, tape and plate knife cutting options and stepped camera options.

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