Eye on complex pharma print inspection

Argentine folding carton manufacturer invests in a bespoke print inspection system designed by EyeC to ensure 100 percent quality control at every step of the production process.
Argentine folding carton manufacturer invests in a bespoke print inspection system designed by EyeC to ensure 100 percent quality control at every step of the production process.

Emege Impresores, a folding carton manufacturer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has five decades of experience in cardboard box production with a strong focus on the pharmaceutical industry. Working in one of the most challenging market segments, the company strives to provide the best quality and efficiency required from any packaging printer, on top of the stringent regulations and quality control required by its customers.

To prevent product defects, the company devoted a significant number of its personnel to focus entirely on strict manual controls and information checks. This move proved time-consuming yet did not provide 100 percent error-free production, leading to additional costs, frustrated employees and unsatisfied customers. Perhaps most importantly, it didn’t align with the company’s overall business strategy.

To optimize business performance and inspection processes and to rule out potential defects when dealing with non-standardized customer data, such as incorrect Braille embossing, the Emege Impresores management team began a search for an automated technology.

Rafael Gómez, chief executive officer at Emege Impresores, learned about the EyeC inspection systems at drupa 2016.

‘We considered our options carefully, and EyeC had the strongest product portfolio,’ says Gómez. ‘Roy Jiménez, EyeC’s sales and service manager played an essential role in finding the right solution for us by asking the right questions and helping us to envision our business requirements.’

Bespoke system

Germany-based EyeC developed and implemented a bespoke system based on its Proofiler 1200DT series to ensure 100 percent quality control, from pre-press through press makeready to the finished product.

‘The system makes handling even large or thin samples straightforward and safe. It verifies the complete sample content as print-to-file or print-to-print against a signed-off PDF file or printed proof, in any language,’ adds Gómez.

Several operators are now using the EyeC Proofiler 1200 DT as part of their pre-press and quality control daily work schedules. Every time a sheet is compared to an original PDF, the system is used to scan the printed sheet, barcodes and Braille. Once a job is put on the press, the first sheet is checked, then every 3,000 sheets after that.

Goméz adds: ‘Thanks to the user-friendly interface, our operators use the system consistently because they feel supported to avoid mistakes. This enables us to ensure we can meet the complex requirements of our customers.’

The Proofiler also fully inspects Braille and 1D codes thanks to intelligent technology. Every time a job is completed, the system creates an inspection report, which certifies quality. At the same time, employees can keep track of inspection results. All these functionalities were integrated into the final system design so that operators at Emege Impresores can quickly check deviations and ensure that the quality meets specifications.

EyeC provided technical support remotely and on-site in Spanish regarding the implementation and training throughout the project.

Emege Impresores’ main objective was to control the assembly of the sheet with the adaptation of the artwork and then the printed sheet.

To date, the company can record significant manufacturing cost savings, significantly fewer rejects, and higher quality. This translates into less complicated handoffs and reduced time required to bring new folding cartons to customers and the market.

‘Since we installed the EyeC inspection system in our plant, we are more certain and confident that our work will have a good outcome, which helps us strengthen our customer and partner relationships simultaneously,’ says Goméz.

‘The value the EyeC Proofiler provides us as a company of quality, and superior security is undeniable. I would very much recommend it,’ concludes Gómez.

For more information about Emege Impresores go to emegeimpresores.com or eyec.com to learn more about EyeC