Optimistic outlook for pressure-sensitive label market

Despite a slowdown in 2023, the latest AWA report prognoses an optimistic outlook in the coming quarters.

According to the latest report by an international market intelligence firm, AWA Alexander Watson Associates, the overall pressure-sensitive label market experienced a slowdown of 8.4 percent in 2023, mainly driven by the sharp decline experienced in the European and North American markets, especially in the year’s first half.

According to the report, the pressure-sensitive label industry faced many challenges last year, including an inventory build-up at various levels of the supply chain. However, the slightly brighter outlook suggests optimism about the capacity for recovery and growth in the coming quarters.

The recently published AWA Pressure-sensitive Label Market Report 20241 comprehensively analyzes all these aspects. The Report looks at the market from an application category, end-use segment, and facestock material perspective while diving into each region and subregion separately.