Parkside develops compostable packaging for Smug crisps

The 100 percent compostable crisp packet is made from a certified home compostable laminate

Parkside has collaborated with upstart food and drink brand Smug to develop a 100 percent compostable crisp packet made from a certified home compostable laminate.  

The pack, which uses Parkside’s Park2Nature material, can be disposed of in regular domestic compost heaps, where it will break down into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass in under 26 weeks. It can also be sent for industrial composting, where it will decompose within 12 weeks.  

Smug is launching its hand-fried potato crisps in the UK with a debut flavor of Italian classic Cacio e Pepe, with two further flavors planned for 2024. The brand is a new venture from Shoreditch-based food and drink marketing agency Merry Galelli, with the creatively minimalist design of the pack reflecting its trendy, independent spirit.  

Mark Shaw, sales account manager at Parkside, said: ‘Cutting-edge brands need cutting-edge sustainable packaging to match. We’re delighted to work with Merry Galelli on the launch of its innovative Smug brand crisps. Sustainability is playing an increasing role in the purchasing decisions of today’s consumers, and so home compostable packaging is ideal for fresh new brands looking to disrupt a highly competitive category.’ 

The pack sees Parkside’s plant-based laminate applied in a duplex format, which offers an oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of below 1.0. This ensures the hand-cooked crisps will retain their satisfying crunch and unique flavor as they move through the supply chain. 

Stephen Merry, co-founder at Merry Galelli, said the packaging was a key part of the new product launch. ‘We know the quality and taste of Smug crisps will prove a hit with consumers, so it’s vitally important our packaging engages and encourages shoppers to try them. Parkside was able to deliver packaging that not only allowed us to create striking, attractive packaging that protects and preserves the freshness of our crisps, but also that is in line with our own sustainability goals and those of our target consumer.’ 

Currently distributed to selected independent outlets across London and Bristol, with Manchester and Brighton to follow, the crisps are available to purchase now through independent food brand retail app Delli.