Dantex Group celebrates multiple milestones

Subsidiaries in Germany, Poland and France celebrate their anniversaries of providing innovation, growth and commitment to excellence.

In a series of celebratory events, Dantex Group has marked several milestones for its subsidiaries in Germany, Poland and France, highlighting decades of innovation, growth and commitment to excellence in the printing industry.

In a recent celebration, Dantex's German subsidiary commemorated its 30th anniversary with a dinner at the historic Auerbach Castle in Bensheim, attended by the entire team and group directors.

Since its foundation in 1994 with a team of five, the German branch has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of Toray photopolymer plates for high-end label printing.

The subsidiary now employs around 30 professionals and has significantly expanded its product range to include Aquaflex printing plates and UV inkjet digital presses, among others, reinforcing its status as a comprehensive system provider.

Dantex Poland celebrated 25 years of presence in Niepruszewo, near Poznan. In 1998 Dantex started operations in the country with a small office selling Torelief photopolymer plates and one salesman. With the Torelief plates very quickly gaining recognition for their quality and effectiveness, Dantex decided to open its own office in Poland.

Since 2010, Dantex Poland has expanded its offer to include the manufacture of printing sleeves and now employs 30 professionals.

Dantex France has also marked a quarter of the century of successful operations, highlighted by the pivotal leadership of Marc Fiadino, general manager, who in addition, celebrates his 25th anniversary with the group.

The French subsidiary's journey began with ambition and faced challenges but has since evolved into a successful enterprise. Today, Dantex France offers a wide range of products, including the latest digital printing systems like PicoColour and PicoJet, demonstrating the company's dedication to innovation and customer service.

Ben Danon, CEO of Dantex Group, said: ‘These anniversaries are not just milestones but testaments to the enduring vision and hard work of our entire team across Europe. Our journey from modest beginnings to becoming a major player in the printing industry, underscores our commitment to excellence, innovation and our customers. As we celebrate these achievements, we look forward to continuing our legacy of growth and innovation in the years to come.’