Jetsci Global launches dSpark Hybrid+

This 330 mm wide press finishes and converts digitally printed labels while integrating with conventional or digital printing processes.

Jetsci Global, part of Monotech systems, has launched its latest digital label finishing and converting machine, dSpark Hybrid+. It adds to the company’s already existing portfolio of digital label and packaging printing and converting plus finishing solutions.

This 330 mm wide press finishes and converts digitally printed labels and also seamlessly integrates with conventional or digital printing processes. dSpark Hybrid+ is driven by inkjet technology using UV curable fluids.

The dSpark Hybrid+ is compatible with a wide array of digitally or conventionally printed substrates for enhancements. The web cleaner and an inline surface treatment corona unit, prepares the enhancement process.

The press has two fully servo-driven spot registered flexo printing units. The first unit is pre-inkjet and can be employed for last-minute color additions to labels, security printing and more, providing flexibility in label customization.

The second fully servo-driven spot registered flexo unit, post inkjet station further enhances labels and packaging in real-time, adding to the press' comprehensive capabilities. The cold foil setup is driven by both digital UV inkjet and the second flexo unit. It provides users with the flexibility to choose, based on job requirements. It features unique differential unwind and rewind shafts for efficient foil usage. Additionally, it may be used for security and special ink applications.

The UV inkjet digital varnish unit offers high build, variable deposition varnish, high gloss, or digital foil applications. It has a resolution of up to 1440 dpi and speed of up to 35 meters per minute.

The dSpark Hybrid+ is also equipped with a semi/full rotary die-cut station, boasting quick setup features, waste matrix rewind, slitting capabilities, and a full servo-driven dual rewind system. This ensures efficiency and precision in the finishing and converting process.

As per Jetsci Global, the chilled drum at each UV curing station makes the dSpark Hybrid+ an ideal choice for all labels and packaging materials, including heat-sensitive and a wide range of unsupported substrates, allowing the press to be compatible with a gamut of enhancement options.