Pulisi Aobead equipment receives G7 certification

The certification demonstrates the exceptional color accuracy in printing operations.

Pulisi's Aobead digital printing equipment has been awarded the G7 certification by Idealliance, a globally recognized color certification organization, confirming it has reached a global level in color management and print quality.

The G7 certification, based on the GRACoL standard, is one of the most authoritative color certifications in the industry. It is used to calibrate digital printing equipment to ensure consistency in color and appearance of printed products. The certification is globally recognized as a high standard in the printing industry, requiring printing equipment to achieve high precision in color and gray balance, among other aspects.

Pulisi Aobead equipment receives G7 certification

Pulisi Aobead digital printing machine has passed rigorous testing and received certification the G7 ColorSpace, demonstrating the company’s excellence in print quality control.

Pulisi's CEO, Lin Xiaobo, said: ‘We have collaborated with renowned color management expert, Sun Chunpeng, to meticulously develop a color management system that covers the entire process from pre-press to output. This system ensures impeccable color consistency and reproduction accuracy, starting from standardized source, file specifications and visual assessment environments, to precise control of digital printing machine states, and culminating in rigorous color calibration using G7. Each step is closely integrated and efficiently coordinated to achieve flawless color consistency and reproduction accuracy.

‘We are extremely proud of Aobead digital printing machine's certification by G7 ColorSpace. This is the result of our relentless efforts and a reaffirmation of our commitment to our customers. This certification signifies that the Aobead digital printing machine has reached the international benchmark in print quality. We will continue to strive for excellence and provide our customers with the finest printing solutions.’

Pulisi launched its Aobead multifunctional digital press for the first time in Europe during Labelexpo 2023. It was specially configured with multiple hybrid modules including front flexo primer, 7color (CMYK+white/orange/varnish) digital engine, cold foil stamping and inspection. To date, the company reached a global sales volume of 150 machines.