Sturdy Print chooses Screen Truepress Label 350UV SAI

UK label printer acquired Screen’s inkjet technology for its reliability and rich color gamut.

Sturdy Print, a prominent label printing company in the UK, has opted for a Screen Truepress Label 350UV SAI 7 color machine on response to the growing demand and lucrative margins within the high-end labels sector.   

‘With this new UV inkjet press, we were able to “future-proof” our company,’ said Alex Sturdy, production manager at family-owned Sturdy Print. ‘Flexo print is not always a viable option for meeting the growing demand for small print orders. At the same time, we see good opportunities in producing labels for nutrient and personal care suppliers, who often require higher-end labels. The agile and flexible nature of digital inkjet enables us to meet these requirements with much faster turnaround times.’   

When Sturdy Print explored the market for a new digital inkjet press, it was struck by the reputation of reliability and low downtime Screen’s technology gained among Sturdy’s peers. ‘We heard people praising the Screen press. We chose it for its print quality and reliability. We also found it uses less ink and fewer chemicals than most of its competitors. These are critical factors for cost-efficiency and sustainability reasons,’ Alex Sturdy said. ‘Screen’s entry-level machine can do everything we need. Our customers have praised its speed and print quality. Consistency of color is a big thing too. The SAI press recently produced the same label five times in five different weeks and it came out exactly the same way.’ 

According to Sturdy Print, it can deliver print jobs that used to take two to three weeks using flexo in two to three days. Label designers have a free hand choosing colors, as the inkjet can reproduce almost any color in the gamut.  

‘The market we supply is in constant flow and often demands complicated labels, with increasingly more details, requiring high-definition images. These look excellent in inkjet digital quality. This technology is a step up in quality,’ Alex Sturdy pointed out. 

In the near future, Sturdy Print expects to explore opportunities in the ‘unsupported film’ market, the slim film to cover food packaging. Alex Sturdy concluded: ‘As the Truepress is able to print on a wide range of substrates, we’re ready for this market segment with Screen’s press too.’