Wellking holds open day in China

The event was supported by HP, Syntax and Esko

Wellking hosted an open-day at its factory in Xinxiang, Henan province. The event was supported by HP, Syntax and Esko.  

Wellking is one of HP Indigo's successful customers in anti-counterfeiting label segment. Established in 2002, Wellking focuses on R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of anti-counterfeiting label materials and technologies. In 2005, the company invested in its first HP Indigo 6600, and in 2023 it invested in Indigo 6K, thus realizing the transformation of combination of holographic and data anti-counterfeiting technology. 

Roy Xu, general manager of HP Indigo digital printing division in China and Hong Kong, welcomed all the attendances: ‘HP and Wellking have built a good and deep cooperative relation. We aim to create an open and inclusive platform for communication and learning through this open day activity.’ 

Holo Liu, general manager of Wellking, introduced the story of Wellking and HP Indigo. He shared that they first learned about Indigo digital technology when the company was established. And now their cooperation has been as long as 18 years.  

Liu also expressed his expectations for label digital printing technology. ‘I hope that in the future, digital printing machine can be integrated with AI technology, more intelligent. In the other hand, as the application of digital printing technology in label industry, the price and service of digital technology could be more down-to-earth. We’re also very happy to share and learn from all the comers today, to achieve a win-win goal.’ 

Allan Feng, HP Indigo label segment director in China, shared: ‘The future development trend of digital printing technology will focus on two aspects, lower cost and higher production efficiency, which could be seen from Labelexpo Europe 2023. Taking HP's latest Indigo V12 as an example, the speed has reached to 120m/min. After the epidemic in the past three years, the production costs of label convertor have risen a lot, including energy and raw materials. And at the same time, there are a lot of new innovative technologies coming, which makes the whole label industry more challenging.’ 

Wang Shaojun, deputy general manager of Wellking, detailed the development history in the past 21 years. Starting from holographic technology to password coverage scratch technology, and the integration of holographic + information anti-counterfeit labels, Wellking has undergone three transformations. 

 More than 70 attendees from label convertors, suppliers and media visited its factory, learning more about Wellking’s professionalism, efficiency and innovation in the manufacturing anti-counterfeiting labels.