DYM Machinery names Flexo Image Graphics distributor in India

FIG to distribute DYM’s non-stop roll changing machines for labels and narrow web applications.

Gourav Roy, managing director, Flexo Image Graphics

Gourav Roy, managing director, Flexo Image Graphics

Flexo Image Graphics (FIG), a distributor of flexo presses and associated equipment in the Indian subcontinent, has partnered with DYM Machinery (DYM) to distribute its non-stop roll changing machines that address waste control as well as improve print quality and productivity. 

Gourav Roy, managing director, Flexo Image Graphics, remarked: ‘With our collaboration with DYM, we now can provide advanced solutions for packaging and printing businesses that need significant control of wastes and continuous roll changing without compromising workflow and productivity. This new partnership indicates our fresh commitment to offering our customers diverse and innovative solutions with a focus on sizeable waste control while meeting other evolving needs.’  

Jesin Wang, global sales director, DYM Machinery (DYM), mentioned: ‘In our extensive search for a distribution partner for the Indian subcontinent and its neighboring markets, we found FIG as one of the most reliable names. After all, FIG has a substantial market share.’ 

She added: ‘We found that India is one of the fastest growing markets for the packaging industry globally, especially for the label segment. So, long-run jobs are in demand and there is need for continuous productions of long rolls. However, feeding station has limitations that in turn require frequent roll changing in printing presses that hampers momentum of production and job continuity, also affecting print quality. In such scenario, our machines are most suitably engineered solutions for continuous production and overall wastage control.’ 

Since DYM’s non-stop roll changing machines for labels and narrow web applications are fully automated systems, splicer unwinders and rewinders control wastes even while engaging in short-run jobs. Some of the key machines include automatic butt splicer unwinder; automatic turret rewinder; automatic non-stop lamination/stamping film unwinder; automatic non-stop lamination/stamping film rewinder; heavy duty automatic butt splicer unwinder; heavy duty non-stop rewinder; multi-function non-stop turret rewinder; zero-speed splicer rewinder for RFID; smart version automatic butt splice unwinder; and automatic waste matrix collector. 

Patented DYM automatic waste matrix collector is suitably designed for difficult light art paper and/or special-shaped waste. It is a high-precision tension control system for safe waste automation, which reduces waste disposal workload. Compatible with all leading printing presses, DYM non-stop machines help in reducing material wastes and energy, which in turn improves printing efficiency, according to FIG. FIG reported that DYM customers across the globe report significant boost of up to 25 percent in productivity and around 8 percent reduction in material wastes.