UFlex promotes eco-conscious practices among primary schools

The company educated over 4000 primary school students on sustainability and the importance of responsible recycling.

UFlex has engaged with 13 schools and educated more than 4000 students on ecological balance and environmental sustainability in collaboration with a non-profit - Say Earth on the occasion of Earth Day. 

This was executed through a change management and educational program comprising a series of 45 hands-on workshops — aimed at enhancing the students' understanding of waste management techniques and contributing to a more environmentally conscious future. 

UFlex has been implementing programs for community impact and has been engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities long before it became a statutory obligation. UFlex launched this CSR program to instill environmentally conscious practices among primary school students in Noida in their formative education years. 

The program, run by Say Earth NGO and Dhartie Warriors Foundation, is designed to impart education on material sciences and waste recycling streams, along with interactive knowledge sessions from guest speakers and global sustainability experts. Additionally, several students have also had the opportunity to visit UFlex's recycling facility in Noida, enhancing their knowledge about the process of recycling ‘difficult to recycle’ multi-layer mixed plastic (MLP) waste. 

Recognizing the influence children wield within households, UFlex believes that school workshops enhance attitudes and behavior toward managing material waste, as corroborated by research. These workshops aimed to impart knowledge on sustainability practices and the impact of recycling on the planet's future. UFlex has conducted 45 workshops at various schools in FY2024, including schools in Delhi-NCR, such as JBM Global, Father Agnel, and the Army Public School. 

This CSR program focuses on promoting waste management through the 3Rs – Recycle, reduce, and reuse, with a specific emphasis on plastic waste segregation at its source. Segregation at source facilitates recycling and resource reuse, thereby minimizing landfill space. 

Apoorvshree Chaturvedi, director – global operations, UFlex Group, remarked: ‘Our collaboration with Say Earth highlights our commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement. We believe educating young minds about sustainability is vital to securing a greener future for our planet. We are proud to support initiatives that promote responsible waste management and ecological balance, paving the way for a sustainable tomorrow.’ 

Ramveer Tanwar (Pond Man), co-founder of SayEarth NGO said: ‘This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our collective mission to address the pressing issue of plastic waste and promote environmental sustainability. Together, we are fostering a greener future for generations to come.’