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  • 04 May 2020

Dantex sells three digital presses

Dantex sells three digital presses

UK-based label press manufacturer Dantex has secured three new installations of its flagship PicoColour and is preparing to ship the machinery for installations in the Czech Republic, North Africa and in the UK.

The company is using the latest technology available to ensure continuation of the installation process. Dantex fully complies with the Covid-19 pandemic guidelines and restrictions, whilst ensuring that the safety of its engineers and warehouse staff at all times.

‘During these unprecedented times, we are so proud to be able to make these installations, thanks to the dedication and loyalty of our workforce,’ commented Simon Cosh, business development manager of the Dantex Digital Division. ‘We have successfully managed to keep the UK manufacturing and logistics operation functioning and it is a testament to the resilience and ability of our teams that they can come together and deliver, even in such a challenging situation.

‘We are doubly proud, because these three very different locations for the PicoColour fully confirm the excellent acceptance level of our technology and equipment. Furthermore, the reach of these installations, across two continents, demonstrates the high regard for PicoColour across the global marketplace,' concluded Cosh.


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