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  • 18 Nov 2020

Dutch IPA produces unique labels with HP

Dutch IPA has developed thousands of distinctive labels by using the HP Indigo WS6900 and the HP SmartStream Designer software

Dutch IPA, a fast-growing beer brand in the Netherlands, has developed thousands of distinctive labels by using the HP Indigo WS6900 and the HP SmartStream Designer software.

Creating unique labels with infinite variations used to be a time-consuming and expensive activity and was therefore not accessible to smaller brands. However, with the help of HP’s software, smaller brands are now able to design creative labels to stand out from the crowd.

Behind every flavor is an adventure with Dutch IPA beers: each label is uniquely designed to tell a story with the brand’s mascot, Captain IPA. HP SmartStream’s algorithms enable Dutch IPA to create vast combinations of specific design elements, allowing them to tell Captain IPA’s story through different illustrations

‘Dutch IPA is an ode to the adventurer, to the discoverer of new flavors and to the bon vivant who is open to new experiences,’ said Jordy de Jong, brand brewer at Dutch IPA. ‘We've started using HP’s SmartStream Designer software for the first time. What appealed to us about the technology is the ability to develop unique labels without complex or time-consuming processes, and at an affordable price point. Anything is possible when it comes to design with the software. We've been able to develop labels with infinite variations and backgrounds and as a result, the labels illustrate new adventures that immediately appeal to the imagination.’

With HP Indigo and HP SmartStream software, Dutch IPA is able to remain competitive, increase productivity and increase its customer engagement. The quick and easy process with digital printing on HP Indigo 6900 meant that Dutch IPA can easily adapt and edit its design to include QR codes, hidden golden cans within its labels and limited-edition labels for ad-hoc consumer engagement activities such as consumer competitions and limited-edition collectables labels for special occasions.


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