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  • 13 Oct 2021

Eltronis engage labels stop brake disc counterfeiters

SHW Brake Systems, has chosen to protect its new brand with a tamper-evident label incorporating the powerful technology engage from Eltronis

One of the leading providers of performance automotive brake discs, SHW Brake Systems, has chosen to protect its new brand with a tamper-evident label incorporating the powerful technology engage from Eltronis.

Every genuine SHW Performance brake disc has a sophisticated enseal label fixed to the packaging, which instantly signals that the contents are genuine. Eltronis used its experience of material durability and adhesion to ensure that the labels would hold firmly to the packaging. 

The label must be broken to access the part, and an easy-to-tear strip helps users open the box, providing effective tamper evidence. At the same time, removing the strip reveals a unique security code that enables instant verification of the brake disc. Customers use a QR code and serial number to authenticate the goods by scanning with a smartphone camera and launching a dedicated website that provides instant confirmation whether the part is genuine.

On activation, customers can verify their purchase and provide a wide variety of additional product information through an online link, providing valuable support in the brake discs’ application and ensuring greater engagement between the brand and users. 

Through creating this digital fingerprint, the Eltronis software engages customers with the brand and vice versa. For SHW Performance customers, engage ensures security and reassurance that they have a genuine product. For the company, visibility and insight into their customer base are provided through the data capture process.  

‘We recognize that protecting our high-performance brake discs from the counterfeiters is an essential part of safeguarding our customers and our brand,’ said Matthias Reckziegel, key account manager for aftermarket at SHW Performance. ‘Non-genuine automotive parts, especially in the area of high-performance braking products, are extremely dangerous, and by adding engage to our SHW Performance products, we can provide customers with the confidence that their brakes will work even in the most demanding situations.’

Pete Smallwood, business development manager for Eltronis, added: ‘We increasingly see brands across many different sectors look at engage as a means to validate and protect their goods. Effective protection and authentication build customer confidence in a brand and enable it to stand out from the competition. We are delighted that SHW Performance has joined the growing number of customers worldwide who are using engage to protect their customers from dangerous counterfeit goods and take a clear stand against product piracy.’

The SHW Performance enseal security label utilizes the same technology that recently won a Finat award in the security category, where the judges praised the combination of tamper evidence security and consumer engagement.  


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