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  • 24 Mar 2020

Ghent Workgroup shares its knowledge

GWG compiles knowledge base for print professionals on dedicated website

The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has created a new Commercial Print landing page on the web site where it consolidates all relevant information for creatives, publishers and printers dealing with commercial print work.

The Ghent Workgroup was started in 2002 when it became necessary to define PDF standards, mostly for the exchange of advertisements, and because PDF was used more and more in the commercial print sector. 

‘This is where the roots of the GWG lie,’ said Christian Blaise, marketing officer at Ghent Workgroup and founder and CEO at agileStreams. ‘Over the years we’ve developed lots of documentation and tools for creatives, publishers and printers, and we wanted to make it easier for people to find those.’

The new area on the website contains useful information such as application settings, webinar recordings, PDF workflow guide, Ghent Output Suite and all technical specifications, all of which is available free of charge for print professionals. 


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