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  • 22 Oct 2021

Group LSDH uses Mondi’s recyclable barrier paper

French Group LSDH has opted for Mondi’s first recyclable functional barrier paper bag for its Les Crudettes salad range

French Group LSDH has opted for Mondi’s first recyclable functional barrier paper bag for its Les Crudettes salad range. The new packaging saves 137 tones of plastic per year, the equivalent weight of one blue whale.

Sustainable packaging is a fully integrated technology. Mondi operates across the value chain from sustainably managed forests to producing pulp and kraft paper, applying the coating, and printing the final material.

The French salad brand has replaced its transparent, glossy polypropylene (PP) packaging with Mondi’s recyclable functional barrier paper for a selection of its pre-washed, ready-to-eat salads. The new packaging is 95 percent paper with a functional barrier layer, meaning the salad remains fresh for up to ten days, the same amount of time as with the previous plastic packaging. It is verified as recyclable in the wastepaper stream in France by the Recycling Authority (Cerec).

The bags are flexo-printed, with lifelike depictions of the salad contents on the front, along with a QR Code, which informs consumers about the contents, quality, recycling, and even refund policy if they purchase a bag where the contents are not as fresh as expected.

Using its unique EcoSolutions approach, Mondi worked closely with LSDH, and its machine supplier Ilapak, to ensure that the new packaging is fit-for-purpose and can run on existing machines. The new technology is sustainable by design and will support LSDH Group in meeting its sustainability goal of reducing the amount of plastic in its packaging.

‘We evaluated everything, from sourcing to machinery and the recycling process, all while collaborating closely with LSDH to deliver a sustainable solution without compromising on packaging performance,’ commented Paulus Goess, sales director for specialty kraft paper at Mondi. ‘A key focus of our Mondi Action Plan 2030 (MAP2030) is to develop innovative packaging that keeps materials in circulation and prevents waste. We are proud to see our new circular-driven functional barrier paper being part of the solution. In particular, as all converting steps are fully integrated across our value chain - from paper production to barrier application and printing.’

Géraldine Collet, marketing and innovation director for Les Crudettes at Groupe LSDH, added: ‘This is just the first step in the sustainability journey of our ready-to-eat salad range. The results are exciting - the packaging is created on existing machines, it looks great on-shelf, is resistant to humidity and supports our sustainability goals. These salad bags could revolutionize the ready-to-eat salad market, hugely reducing the amount of plastic needed, all while keeping the food fresh.’


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