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  • 14 May 2019

Idealliance Africa managing director receives G7 certification

Idealliance Africa MD receives G7 certification

Idealliance Africa managing director John Panton has been certified as a G7 Certified Expert Trainer.

Idealliance Africa is one of 12 offices strategically located around the world, serving the graphic communications industry. G7 is Idealliance’s industry-leading set of specifications for achieving grey balance. It identified as the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. Its methodology is designed to align all print technologies for visual consistency, process and quality control, and color workflow management. 

Idealliance G7, also known as near-neutral, is said to be the most sought-after certification and most specified standard in the world. It's currently being revised into ISO 12647-2. It works on any print technology regardless of ink or substrate, providing alignment across a facility or across a global print supply chain.

Idealliance certifies G7 Experts as the go-to experts in the field of color management, print alignment, process control and leading practices to manage G7 workflows across any print device. Utilizing G7 within a print production workflow improves output consistency across multiple print services, platforms and distribution outlets, and also reduces waste and increases profitability.

‘We're excited to announce John’s inclusion in this elite rank,’ commented Jordan Gorski, vice president of global certification programs at Idealliance. ‘With his extensive experience in printing and packaging, ISO Standards, global specifications and programmes, John and his team, with three offices in Africa, bring implementable knowledge and transformative business acumen to the largest brands, service providers, OEMs and creative agencies, right down to small to medium enterprises throughout Africa.’


Gill Loubser is Labels & Labeling's Africa correspondent, providing coverage of this important market for the label and package printing industry.

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