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  • 06 Oct 2021

INX University expands remote learning experience

INX University has expanded its capabilities to offer free remote courses in eight languages

INX University, an ink industry eLearning resource run by INX International, has expanded its capabilities to offer free remote courses in eight languages.

The market leader for metal inks and color management technologies, INX is highly respected by brand owners, converters, designers, and marketers worldwide. Designed to help customers better understand a wide range of ink and color topics, INX U provides a unique experience for metal decorators interested in enhancing their professional development, says Sarah Jacks, Manager – INX Color Perfection. 

‘INX University helps educate anyone involved in the design and production of metal packaging. It covers topics ranging from the basics of ink and troubleshooting to a wide variety of insight for color management knowledge,’ said Sarah Jacks, manager of INX Color Perfection. ‘For example, our two-piece Metal Decorating program has seven Color and Production courses. Color management is an important consideration since printers are now expected to provide their customers with consistent quality to meet exact specifications. That’s evolved on a global level in the last few years. It’s also why it was important for us to update our metal decorating troubleshooting app to be available in more languages as well.’

In addition to English, courses are available in two Spanish language versions – Latin American and Castilian, which is spoken in Spain, as well as French, German, Italian, Polish and Portuguese.

‘Overall, we found the course is very informative,’ said a customer at Myanmar’s Kian Joo Can Factory in Southeast Asia. ‘It is very helpful and relevant for us to understand the basics of 2-piece metal decorating through the online course.’

‘It has been a bit of a learning experience for us as well, but overall, the comments we’ve received are positive. People taking the courses say it’s great for refreshing their knowledge with the latest updates and good practices relating to handling ink and color. Some beginners have told us it is very informative, especially in regards to printing issues and troubleshooting. And many are appreciative that the courses are flexible and can be completed at their own pace and convenience. In the end, earning a training certificate is a nice reward,’ concluded Jacks.


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