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  • 21 Sep 2015

Labelexpo Europe 2015 new products preview - inks, curing and drying

GEW is introducing the ArcLED hybrid UV curing system at Labelexpo Europe 2015

As part of L&L's comprehensive preview of new products to be seen at Labelexpo Europe 2015, here the magazine highlights new ink systems, and curing and drying equipment that will be seen at the show.

The full preview can be read in L&L issue 4, 2015, and online here, while you can read more about the following technologies on the L&L website: digital presses; conventional presses; materials, adhesives and coatings; MIS and pre-press; ancillaries; finishing; inspection; linerless and package printing.


Introduces the NIRPin-series dryers for pinning hybrid (water/solvent) UV inks in between colored ink stations as a substitute for UV-LEDs. NIRPin modules are as compact as UV-LEDs, but allow higher pinning performance and lower investment costs, says the company. Also the UV-curing energy at the final station can be ‘significant reduced’. adphosNIR drying technology is designed for printing applications on plastic films and other thermal sensitive substrates with low thermal stress on the substrate.

DPL Industri

DPL introduces its LED-UV technology along with the Slim & Smart 2 (S2) lamp housing.

Dr Fischer

Launches LRP (Le Réflecteur de Proximité) infrared halogen lamp which lowers energy consumption by about 30 percent and increases service life to 5,000 hours, according to the company.

Encres Dubuit

Introduces Label Gloss, which shows good water and chemical resistance for printing on papers, top-coated filmic and coated metalized surfaces. Rotoprint/Rotogloss provide intense colors along with alcohol and water resistance, compatible with letterpress, offset and thermal transfer printing on top coated PE and PP. Uvimax is for labels printed onto PVC where UV light and weather resistances are required.

Flint Group Narrow Web

Flint Group Narrow Web introduces a range of new technologies: Flexocure Ancora50 UV flexo inks are tailored for food labels and short run packaging applications; PackCure Secure is a low migration white UV flexo ink targeted at package printing, claimed to exhibit excellent adhesion to filmic substrates and suitable also for solventless lamination applications; Flexocure Ancora metallic is a full range of 1-component low migration metallic inks; HydroPropack is a water-based flexo ink developed for flexible packaging and unsupported label applications; DigiCoat is a UV varnish range  tested and recommended by HP, which achieve good adhesion and scuff, scratch, and abrasion resistance. With these varnishes printers no longer need to corona treat the digital print to achieve adhesion between digital ink and varnish. In addition the EkoCure range of LED-UV products has been expanded to include metallic inks, UV shrink whites, UV rotary screen inks, EkoCure Ivory and Ebony, plus a wide range of coatings and adhesives.

FÜLL Systembau

FÜLL introduces the U-VX5 ink dispenser dedicated to the narrow web converter and suitable for UV flexo and screen inks. It comes as a standard with 12 to 18 x 10 liter containers, though 24 are possible. The accompanying Aurora software suite handles stock and press returns management as well as batch traceability. In a separate package with a scale it can also serve as a manual workstation tool for guided ink mixing.


Introduces the ArcLED hybrid UV curing system, which enables an investment in arc technology to be upgraded later with LEDs using the same lamphead casing and the same power supply and control. The printer adds LED cassettes and connects water-cooling, and the Rhino ArcLED power supply automatically recognizes which type of cassette is installed, seamlessly switching the power supply from high voltage AC for the arc lamps to DC power for the LEDs.


Displays two new products. The Graymills Chiller is an electronically controlled system that integrates ink cooling with SuperFlo filters to protect equipment, reduce ink waste, and improve print quality. Also on show is a press-integrated peristaltic pump, demonstrating how tank and controls are mounted to the press.


GSB and partner tlsanilox introduce new low migration UV systems (LMS) for flexo, letterpress and offset printing, as well low migration varnishes. Of particular interest are new varnishes for overprinting digital labels with subsequent thermal transfer capability. New to GSB’s range is the Flexomat KRS, developed for the cleaning of color-chambered doctor blade systems, and special cleaners for low migration UV systems. The company also shows the latest developments in the field of functional inks and printed electronics.


Launches the Lightning Cure LC-L5G UV-LED light source, claimed to offer seven times the UV intensity of previous units and the same level of output as metal halide lamps. Key applications include UV ink curing and circuit board curing. Also shown is the EX-mini is a compact excimer lamp light source designed for R&D work with optional ozone decomposition unit.


New is LED powerline flexo, a UV-LED system for curing flexo inks. This compact LED module measures 90mm x 100mm with an irradiation width of 10in or 16in and a 16W output. It has an integrated control unit. Also new is jetCure LED, which is available in different irradiation widths, lengths and wavelengths. It is lightweight and compact for easy digital press integration.


With the new MBS-7 system, lamp output of only 120 W/cm is required to achieve typical production speeds, says IST. The MBS-7 provides an optional power reserve of +20 percent (145 W/cm), achieved by optimizing reflectors, lamps and electronic parts. The MBS-7 is ‘LED-prepared’, so can be changed to LED-UV technology at any time.

Jiaozuo Zhuorim Digital Material

Launches two new products: Z107 Premium Wax offers claimed to offer excellent image density and wide label compatibility, suitable for high speed printing with good edge definition and scratch resistance; Z212 Near-edge Wax/Resin is a near edge wax/resin formulation designed as an economical solution for high print performance on a broad range of materials for barcode label and tag applications.

Luxul FZC

New is the ‘Convertible Ink’ system where 1 pack UV metallic silver ink gemLux can be converted from a rheology suitable for flexo printing to one suitable for flatbed or rotary screen printing using a simple additive technique. gemLux, in both processes, exhibits brilliance and opacity while maintaining fast cure speeds and an extended shelf-life, says the company. 


New products include an LED-curable screen ink claimed to deliver excellent adhesion, opacity, gloss, and reactivity in flatbed label applications. The LEDC series includes a silicone-free opaque white 171 optimized for flexo overprintability. Marabu also launches a solvent-based Mara Jet DI-SX inkjet ink for the Roland EcoSolMax 2 printers, providing silver, gold, bronze and pearlescent metallic effects. Using it with the water-based Mara Shield liquid coatings makes the metallic effects resistant to abrasion. A new low migration ink series is also promised.


Launches a low power – and so lower cost – system for intermediate LED-UV curing and low power applications. PrintabLED Q has sufficient power for partial curing, which means, says the company, that overall cost of systems for multi-colored printing presses can be halved with no impact on curing performance. In some cases, mainly screen printing applications and digital inkjet, the manufacturer says a PrintabLED LP system is sufficient for final curing of inks. PrintabLED LP is available with 365, 385 and 395nm LEDs with powers of 2-4W. It can be water or air cooled according to installation environment and application. At 30 x 120 x L mm it has a small emitting window and is extremely compact, allowing for a simple installation as a retrofit or on a new press. Also, thanks to the efficient heat management, PrintabLED LP will allow for cold curing with no damage to print media or adjacent machine parts, says the company.

Pulse Roll Label Products

Launches a high-strength UV flexo ink range with lower film weights, optimized for HD systems with high-definition plates and higher line count aniloxes, as well as process color printing. Initially available in 4-color process, plans are underway to extend this to a 7-color process set. A range of high strength, mono-pigmented mixing bases will complement the process set, making it easier for converters to achieve brighter and higher color strength with substantially less ink usage. The range is suitable for narrow web flexo printing on a wide range of substrates including paper, PE and PP. Pulse has been working in partnership with major print groups and industry suppliers to offer a complete color management system.


Showcases new Nutri-brand Bisphenol A (BPA)-free low-migration inks. Nutri-brand products include Sicura Nutriflex 10 UV-flexo inks for food- and pharma-related applications with greatly improved adhesion properties, similar to non-migration systems. Nutriflex 10 has a gloss finish and ‘almost imperceptible’ odor. The highly pigmented colors are High Definition-certified (HD). The new Sicura Nutricreen relief varnish dries quickly and remains flexible and shows no signs of yellowing. It is scratchproof and has a shiny surface, says the company. The UV-offset Sicura Litho Nutriboard range is targeted at paper and selected films, and Sicura Litho Nutriplast at plastics. Both are suitable for food- and pharma-related applications. Siegwerk has also developed a UV-waterless ink range for standard and anilox printing units, called Sicura Nutri Waterless. The company also shows the latest developments in UV LED systems and launches the new generation of its established UV flexo range, Sicura Flex 39-8, with improved flow properties and on-paper printability.

Spring Coating Systems

Introduces the DFC range of compostable, non-toxic inks for direct food contact applications, claimed to eliminate the risk of migration in food packaging applications. Spring presents DFC in partnership with Innovia Films’ compostable film technology, and Bio4Life, a manufacturer of compostable adhesives for labels. Spring is also launching Flow, a new generation of UV flexo inks which adhere to film and foil substrates without the need for a primer. For ‘no-label’ look applications, Flow helps printers meet tough tape test and scratch resistance specifications and reduces migration due to offset within the reel, says Spring.

Sun Chemical

On show for the first time is SolarFlex UV Flexo opaque white ink, fully compliant for food and pharma applications and representing an extension to the SolarFlex Neutron White ink launched at Labelexpo Europe 2013. Sun Chemical also launches the Polare ink dispenser for the label and narrow web market. Developed in partnership with Inkmaker to meet the requirements for lower volume consumption, it has 20 printheads configured for both low and high viscosity inks. Sun Chemical’s digital inkjet division, SunJet, shows its range of compliant inkjet inks for printing onto the non-contact side of primary and secondary food packaging applications. Also on display is the SunColorBox color management workflow. Tools in the SunColorBox include color audit, to rationalize and digitize a converter color palette; SunDigiProof for onsite on-demand color accurate proofs; SunDigiGuide, a color standards book; and SunMatch, for full digital color communication between ink supply and customer networks and PantoneLive. The stand also features anti-counterfeiting technologies, special effect inks and SunLase laser marking coating technology.

Toyo Ink Arets

Launches low migration and low odor Steraflex UV flexo ink series for food grade applications conforming to Swiss ordinance. Optimized ink transfer from high resolution anilox rolls.


Shows new H2 family of strobe lights. Incorporating UV diodes directly into LEDs eliminates filters and expands inspection capability up to 2500mm. H2 LED lights are powered by a new lithium battery that lasts twice as long with only one third of the weight. All are available in UV, spot and wide area flood versions. LED-1 is pocket-sized for spot inspections and troubleshooting anywhere along the label production process. LED-3 can be used for any hand-held or mounted applications on presses, slitters and rewinders. LED-12 features adjustable flash rate from 300 to 50,000 flashes per minute, internal and external phase control, flexible triggering sources and white light approaching the visible spectrum of sunlight. Narrow-beam spot illumination covers a 45cm diameter when 90cm from the target.

UV-Technik Meyer

Introduces the CCure UV curing system for inks and lacquers, claimed to exhibit significantly reduced energy requirements compared to a conventional UV curing system. Emits at UVC wavelengths and uses durable low pressure UV lamps. No shutters are necessary. The system uses air cooling and is ozone free. Also shows OmniCure AC275 and AC2110 air-cooled compact UV LED systems, available in 75mm and 110mm lengths. The standard AC2 systems provide a reduced output angle to help eliminate back-reflection of light to the print heads. Pinning is a key application. The UV Integrator Control 3C LED measures both UV sources and is wavelength-selective. The irradiance and dose are shown on a display. Software is included that gives details of focusing characteristics, irradiance over time and automatically separates the measured values when multiple UV sources are passed.


Introduces the DSK WL line of UV curing units with compact dimensions for narrow web label printing presses. In the basic configuration, the UV radiation heads are operated with air cooling and provide up to 150W/cm of UV power. In an advanced (hybrid) set-up, additional water cooling is used to boost UV power to 200W/cm, reducing the necessary air flow considerably at the same time. Optional UV-ExPo optical components increase the curing speed of hard-to-cure low migration varnishes. The company also launches UV LED modules and lamp systems for all applications from pinning to complete curing. Power ratings range from 2W/sqm up to 20W/sqm and above. Various emission wavelengths are offered, the most commonly used being 385nm and 395nm. Uviterno’s UV LED units are available both in air-cooled and water-cooled set-ups, depending on irradiance, footprint, and application requirements.

UV Ray

The company shows its new UV LED systems, developed in co-operation with USHIO, running on an MPS EB press. In trials, running speed is over 130m/min, with peaks up to 200m/min. For high volumes inert printing is undertaken. UV Ray also launches an internal diffuser, which allows more uniform energy distribution and constant temperature output. New water-cooling systems are shown.



Introduces a range of new products. Flexoscreen YSR-X55400 is a ready-to-use opaque white which can be applied using both UV screen and UV flexo printing. It is silicone free and is tuned for overprinting with all printing technologies, hot foil stamping and thermal transfer. A new series of Uvaflexo LM (low migration) inks is launched with enhanced color strength and low odor performance, as well as a new range of LED-UV process inks for offset printing and new Uvalux varnishes/lacquers.


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