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  • 07 Mar 2022

Mark Andy reports record sales in LATAM

Juan Carlos Arroyave (center), the owner of Etipress, with John Vigna and Kenjiro Celaya of Mark Andy and the newly installed Digital Series HD press

Mark Andy has reported record sales for its team in the LATAM region, with installations from Mexico and the Caribbean in the north, to Argentina in the south, and a mix of flexo and digital technology.

The company sold nearly 30 presses over the last 12-month, spread across eight countries in a wide diversity and specification, from the entry-level 10in 2200 Series to a 20in Performance Series P7 and 14 new Evolution Series (13 E5 and 1 E3) on the flexo front, to a Digital Series HD and Digital Pro 3 in the hybrid market. 

‘At a time when there was so much uncertainty across the Americas, we have significantly lifted our performance and increased our market share with several key conquest sales and market ‘firsts”,’ said John Vigna, sales manager for the LATAM region at Mark Andy. ‘We have enjoyed success right across our product portfolio thanks to the hard work put in by our sales and support teams.’

One of Mark Andy’s key markets in the region is Mexico. Its sales were given a significant boost here with the appointment of Kenjiro Celaya as sales manager for the country. A former plant manager at an existing Mark Andy user, he brings a solid background of technical knowledge and production expertise to a market that, while well-established, is having to come to terms with a raft of new technology and all that it brings in terms of opportunities. 

‘We have an educational job to do in LATAM,’ said Vigna. ‘First, we need to let label converters know that wherever they are located, we will provide local and high-quality support, and second, we are working hard to show Mark Andy as the narrow web technology leader, especially in the digital hybrid sector that is growing fast and where we have a clear lead over our competition.’

‘We understand the difference between wanting a Mark Andy and being able to afford one,’ added Vigna. ‘So, we’ve set up a number of financial packages that can be offered to potential customers, and we can tailor them to suit individual needs and circumstances. The aim is to ensure that money is no barrier to getting the Mark Andy product you want.’

Commenting further on the high specification of the presses installed last year, Vigna sees a notable trend towards shrink sleeves, in-mold labels, and flexible packaging across the region, along with a growing interest in RFID technology. 

Brazilian customer, Beontag in Campo Mourão in Paraná, installed a 20in Mark Andy P7 fitted with a Tamarack RFID unit, is now the second-largest RFID supplier globally, with European production plants in Finland, France and Italy. Other significant sales worth highlighting are 13 of the new Evolution Series E5 presses (in 13in and 17in web widths) and one Evolution Series E3. 

In addition to the year bringing record sales numbers in his territory, Vigna is delighted with some of the ‘big name’ companies who have joined the Mark Andy users club. Flexoprint in Brazil installed its first two Mark Andy presses thanks to local representative Miguel Troccoli of PTC. Another Brazilian printer, Gráfica Cometa, acquired its first Mark Andy, an Evolution Series E3. Softcolor installed a 17in P7, its first Mark Andy, Autopel bought a P5 and then added an E5, the first in Brazil. In Belo Horizonte, Maxcor brought their total of Mark Andy presses to 16 with the addition of three 2200s and an E5. At the same time, international group Sato acquired a P7 for their plant in Brazil and an E5 for their plant in Argentina.

But, according to the company, the noticeable trend across the region is a growing interest in digital printing and, in particular, what hybrid technology has to offer. 

‘This is where Mark Andy is in a unique position. We have three hybrid products in our portfolio, aimed at different market sectors, and importantly all use proven technology and have numerous installations worldwide that prove their commercial viability,’ explained Vigna.

At the top end is the Digital Series HD, a completely in-house product from Mark Andy that combines the Performance Series servo platform with a 1200 DPI 8-color inkjet engine and a choice of options with its modular configuration. Existing Mark Andy flexo user Etipress has become the first in LATAM to install a 17in DSHD hybrid.

‘There is no doubt we have the most comprehensive range of printing technology of any narrow web manufacturer in the world, and it’s all well-proven for reliable commercial production, which removes the risk for those new to servo-driven flexo or digital hybrids. By taking the strategic decision to upscale our sales and support network in the region, we are well placed to tap into the growth in demand for new products and the shorter runs created by versioning,’ concluded John Vigna.


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