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  • 12 Jan 2022

Raflatac collaborates with WWF Poland

UPM Raflatac and WWF Poland have renewed their contract to build a smarter future beyond fossils together

UPM Raflatac and WWF Poland have renewed their contract to build a smarter future beyond fossils together. During the new three-year contract period, the collaboration will focus on promoting a circular economy, including waste management and sustainable forestry practices.

To increase the engagement and support for circular economy and sustainable forestry initiatives, this three-year contract is also set to engage UPM Raflatac’s internal and external stakeholders.

‘As part of UPM The Biofore Company, we are committed to building a sustainable, innovation-driven future and want to share our expertise and assets with the communities we operate in,’ said UPM Raflatac’s sustainability manager Vera Bartsch. ‘UPM Raflatac is part of the packaging value chain and labels can play a key role in enabling circular economy in this value chain. Given the resource needs today, promoting sustainable forestry supports our journey beyond fossils.’

The amount of waste in Poland is increasing every year. Waste that is not recycled and reused has several negative consequences, such as reduction of habitats due to landfilling, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, to name a few. The initiative's goal is to reduce the amount of packaging waste going to the environment. The project is based on three pillars: legislative changes, cooperation with businesses to transition towards a circular economy and motivating and educating Polish consumers to drive the change.

‘Succeeding in making the transition towards a circular economy is only possible through the cooperation of various stakeholders. Cooperating with UPM Raflatac as a key stakeholder in the packaging value chain will create an opportunity to strive for bigger impact and achieve more in terms of circular economy development in Poland,’ says Ewa Chodkiewicz, head of sustainable development at WWF Poland.

The second initiative focuses on sustainable forestry practices. This collaborative initiative aims to set up a knowledge base in collaboration with key stakeholders, create guidelines on biodiversity conservation and carbon storage-friendly afforestation and mapping and assessment of restoration potential of degraded ecosystems with an emphasis on wetlands.

UPM Raflatac operates two factories in Biskupice Podgórne and Nowa Wieś Wrocławska, Poland employing 635 employees. The collaboration between UPM Raflatac and WWF Poland started in 2012 with a Rivers for life project, which focused on protecting Poland's rivers' biodiversity. The partnership continued with the development of the program Guardians of Rivers.


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