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  • 26 Mar 2020

RedButton as the remote printing consultant

RedButton as the remote printing consultant

Swiss coating specialist Schmid Rhyner has responded to coronavirus travel limitations and initiated RedButton, an online tool based on a video link combined with augmented reality to support its customers.

RedButton is an online support service available worldwide enabling customers to easily contact the appropriate application engineers. According to the company this support technology is based on a video link combined with augmented reality (AR) and is unique to the printing industry. In addition to urgent problems requiring an immediate solution such as machine downtime, it can also be used for printing test support or individual project meetings.

Depending on the version, RedButton establishes a video connection between the customer and the helpdesk at the push of a button via a sent link or via a dedicated application. The helpdesk engineers can then use AR to provide quick and easy step-by-step instructions. It enables an easy inspection of printed sheets and optimization of the machine settings, whereby AR markings can be set (drawer) or shown on machine parts (hand overlay) in real time on the customer screen.

‘Customers can reduce machine times and therefore avoid costs. Production does not have to schedule tests based on the availability of a technician, and because of its ease of use, RedButton has a high level of acceptance, because the technology can be used by anyone. Should an on-site appointment still be necessary, the application engineers are well informed. In addition, customers also improve the carbon footprint by reducing the number of trips made by external specialists,’ stated the company.

RedButton does not require special hardware and works on conventional smartphones with high-resolution camera and efficient focus function, tablets or PCs. Application installation is only required for the premium version.

The service is available to Schmid Rhyner customers in the RedButton Classic and RedButton Premium versions, however, as support in these troubled times, both versions are free of charge until the end of Q2/2020. Afterwards, the premium version can be obtained as a paid service with the Classic version remaining free of charge.


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