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  • 24 Jul 2020

Siegwerk launches circular economy website

Siegwerk launches circular economy website

Siegwerk, a supplier of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, has launched its new circular economy website, saying that it strongly believes in the needs of a circular economy and is committed to helping create a sustainable packaging industry.

The growing demand for environmentally friendly methods and sustainable packaging has strongly influenced the packaging market. ‘It is time to rethink packaging and move from a linear to a circular economy model,’ said Alina Marm, head of circular economy hub at Siegwerk.

Inks and coatings play an important enabling role in a circular economy. In addition to the branding of packaging, the technical functionalities of inks support all three levels of a circular economy in terms of reducing, reusing and recycling

The new website reflects Siegwerk’s commitment to becoming a more sustainable company; one website section provides information on products and methods from Siegwerk including:

•  Inks, varnishes and barrier coatings for creating packaging designed for the paper recycling stream

•  Inks, varnishes and barrier coatings for recyclable mono-plastic packaging

•   Driving de-inking solutions with inks and primers and value chain collaborations for de-inking process standards

More information about Siegwerk’s circular economy efforts and its partnership network is available here.


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