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  • 19 Jun 2018

Spanish converter details Pantec Rhino experience

L-R: Manuel Mateo, head of production; Pedro Orcajada, owner and founder

Spanish label converter Adhesivos Orcajada, based in Murcia, has reported an increase in productivity and turnover thanks to its Pantec Rhino flat-bed hotfoil embossing unit.

The company installed the system three years ago in-line on a 10-color UV flexo press, which has a 430mm web width.

‘We were looking to optimize our production and avoid off-line finishing,’ recalls Adhesivos Orcajada’s owner and founder Pedro Orcajada. ‘The Rhino system is much faster than any off-line stamping equipment. It allows stamping at 18,000 strokes per hour in an area of 410mm x 410mm. To achieve maximum speed, we look to work with the biggest engravings possible.’

At Adhesivos Orcajada, the Pantec Rhino system is mainly used for stamping and embossing on wine, liquor and gourmet product labels – goods which require labels with a high quality of finishing.

‘Our experience with the Pantec Rhino system has been positive, and it has allowed us to increase our productivity and turnover, says Pedro Orcajada. ‘We’ve been able to provide a better service to clients, and also to obtain new clients. We have eliminated bottle-necks in our production. The Rhino has also brought better quality of embossing than our off-line equipment. It’s a simple system to operate: robust and reliable.’

Adhesivos Orcajada was founded in 1995. It employs 150 staff at its 10,000 sqm factory in Murcia, which houses nine Gallus and four Omet presses. ‘We don’t specialize,’ says Pedro Orcajada. ‘Rather, we operate in all end user markets so as to diversify our business as much as possible. As a result, we are able to provide almost all finishing options available on the market. We are used to putting into action our clients’ ideas. We have the staff and the machinery to convert an idea into a label.’

Pantec’s equipment is represented in Spain and Portugal by Esagraf, based just outside Barcelona. A distributor with more than 25 years’ experience in the label and packaging markets, Esagraf also represents Nilpeter, Nikka, GM, Flexo Wash, Prati, Vetaphone, TrojanLabel and Rheintacho, among other brands.


James Quirk is group managing editor of Labels & Labeling.

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