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  • 06 Sep 2022

Toppan brings GL Barrier sustainable packaging to Australia

Toppan has launched a wide range of the latest sustainable packaging, including its transparent barrier film, GL Barrier, in Australia

Japanese packaging specialist Toppan has launched a wide range of the latest sustainable packaging, including its transparent barrier film, GL Barrier, in Australia.

In May 2021, Toppan published its medium-term plan between April 2021 and March 2023, the fundamental digital and sustainable transformation concept. Expansion of the global packaging business is one of the priorities in the program, and Toppan is accelerating its efforts to cater to the demand for sustainable packaging and establish networks facilitating local production for local consumption.

Toppan has advanced its packaging business in Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, and China, and bolstered its GL Barrier manufacturing and supply capability for European and North American markets by opening the Toppan USA plant in Griffin, Georgia, in April 2016. 

The company is further strengthening its global production and sales operations with an eye on North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Toppan acquired InterFlex Group, a packaging manufacturer with locations in the United States and the United Kingdom, last year and has also recently made leading Indian film manufacturer Max Speciality Films and Thai packaging company Majend Makcs consolidated subsidiaries.

Toppan aims to raise the profile of its globally expanding converting business and GL Barrier products in Australia, a leading market in the Asia and Oceania region, and drive further business growth to meet worldwide demand for sustainable packaging, which is underpinned by increasing environmental consciousness. In Australia, Toppan will present its film products as well as barrier packaging in the form of microwavable packaging and paper-based composite containers.

GL Barrier is Toppan’s proprietary range of transparent barrier films enabled by unique vapor deposition and coating technologies and an extensive lineup for diverse applications, which is already widely recognized in markets worldwide, including Japan, Europe, the Americas, and Asia.


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