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  • 19 Nov 2020

UPM Specialty Papers joins CELAB-Europe

UPM Specialty Papers joins CELAB-Europe

UPM Specialty Papers has joined CELAB-Europe to promote the development of a sustainable and circular business model in the self-adhesive label industry with the target to ensure that 75 percent of the used liner and matrix materials in Europe are recycled in a circular fashion by 2025.

‘As part of our eco-design approach, UPM actively looks for innovative ways to recycle our products at the end of their life. UPM Specialty Papers is excited to support industry-level initiatives to promote circularity in the self-adhesive label business,’ said Mikko Rissanen, director of technology at UPM Specialty Papers.

UPM Specialty Papers took a step towards building a circular economy in the self-adhesive label industry in 2018 when it introduced UPM LinerLoop. According to the company, UPM LinerLoop is a unique concept for recycling release liners; collected release liners are desiliconized and used to produce new high-performance release liner base papers.

Rissanen continued: ‘Global brands and our customers want labels that support their goal for more sustainable packaging. Release liner recycling is one way to meet these goals. However, efficient collection of used release liners has been the industry’s biggest barrier to making the transition to a circular economy. We look forward to developing best practices together with other CELAB-Europe members, and promoting these globally in the next stage.’




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