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  • 09 Nov 2021

Zecher teams up with Ulmex Italia

Zecher has expanded its cooperation with Ulmex Italia to its new Evolux laser cleaning machines

German anilox rolls specialist Zecher has expanded its cooperation with Ulmex Italia to its new Evolux laser cleaning machines.

With the announcement of Ulmex as a new partner of laser cleaning machines, Zecher builds on an already existing partnership in the distribution of anilox rollers and sleeves. 

According to Ulmex, its technically advanced Evolux laser cleaning machine can deal with difficult residues of lacquers, adhesives, silicones, and resins. It offers fully automatic cleaning processes and individual cleaning programs by using a pulse laser, which can be fully adjusted, including its frequency and characteristics calibration. 

In addition, cleaning by Evolux machines does not require the use of chemical detergents or solvents. This makes the machines particularly interesting for the food packaging sector and for companies that focus on environmentally conscious printing and cleaning. 

The Evolux laser cleaning machines are available for a wide range of web widths, including  1,000, 1,700, 2,100, 2,500 and 3,000mm, with a load capacity between 50 and 1,000 kg individual weight of sleeves and anilox rolls. It can be integrated into production processes, reducing the time and cost of anilox roller reconditioning.

‘We are pleased about the excellent development of the cooperation with our sales partner Ulmex. The innovative Evolux laser cleaning machines are an enrichment for our portfolio,’ said Thomas Reinking, sales director at Zecher. 



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