Michelman launches DigiPrime Vision at Labelexpo

Next-Generation in-line primers designed to enable expanded growth opportunities for HP Indigo digital press owners

Michelman launches DigiPrime Vision at Labelexpo

Michelman launches DigiPrime Vision at Labelexpo

Michelman has launched DigiPrime Vision 9000, the first in a new series of water-based digital print primers formulated for use in the in-line priming units of HP Indigo digital presses.

Designed with input from press owners and operators, and building upon nearly 20 years of collaborative innovation and deep partnership with HP Indigo, DigiPrime Vision 9000 provides unprecedented performance, ease of use, and compatibility, so that press owners can unleash the full potential of digital printing.

Extensive trials were conducted on HP Indigo 6K and 8K digital presses—involving concurrent testing by more than 20 press owners over the course of several months—to confirm that DigiPrime Vision 9000 is ready for the market. Initially offered for HP Indigo 6K and 8K digital presses, DigiPrime Vision is also in the final development stages for the HP Indigo V12 digital press.

DigiPrime Vision 9000 was engineered to enable the speeds and efficiency of the HP Indigo V12 digital press, allowing label producers to migrate longer runs from flexo to digital. The goal is that press owners will be able to transfer jobs between the HP Indigo 6K, 8K, and V12 digital presses knowing they can achieve the same high quality results consistently across different hardware.

DigiPrime Vision 9000 simplifies press room management, delivering superior runnability and consistent performance, and enabling quick and easy flex capacity to match projects to the best press. Its wide operating window reduces setup time and configuration changes, and Michelman’s global distribution network and 48-hour delivery capability help ensure presses keep running. 

The new product boasts broad substrate compatibility to  deliver the best possible print quality, even on substrates where ink adhesion can be particularly difficult, such as vinyl, heavily textured papers, and niche materials like velvet, wood veneer and twill. This also helps press owners have access to more recyclable and renewably sourced substrates than ever before.

DigiPrime Vision can also be used in conjunction with Michelman’s portfolio of water-based functional and barrier coatings to create packaging structures with improved end-of-life options. These coatings impart critical functionality such as water, oil and grease resistance; oxygen and moisture vapor transmission control; and heat seal directly to paper and film substrates.