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  • 28 Jul 2022

Accu-Label invests in Durst Tau RSCi

Indiana-based converter Accu-Label has invested in a Durst Tau RSCi press to drive the transformation from flexo to digital production

Indiana-based converter Accu-Label has invested in a Durst Tau RSCi press to drive the transformation from flexo to digital production.

‘The Tau RSCi is a real game-changer for us that’s helping to write the next chapter in our success story with digital label production,’ commented Accu-Label’s president Dave Manning. 

Accu-Label entered digital printing production six years ago with another manufacturer’s label press. However, production was limited to short runs due to the relatively high consumables cost. 

Since installing the Tau RSCi, designed for an industrial level of productivity, Accu-Label has also economically handled medium to long-run jobs from day one. Moreover, the company has achieved a new standard of quality thanks to Durst’s highly pigmented Tau RSC UV inks. The company opted for the widest 20in-version of the press to maximize its productivity.

‘The Tau RSCi has halved the costs for consumables, and the print speed is up to five times higher compared to alternative solutions,’ added DJ Manning, production manager at Accu_Labels.  ‘It’s precisely this combination that makes the Tau RSCi unbeatable when it comes to digital label printing. And the color consistency the Durst solution provides is an enormous advantage where recurring jobs are concerned.’

Accu-Label’s production mix was previously 25 percent digital and 75 percent flexo. By August 2021, the digital share of the total volume produced had risen to 47 percent, with just the Tau RSCi operating in a single shift and supervised by one employee. Four operators were previously needed to print roughly the same volume in flexo. 

‘Today, our jobs are produced using the technology that delivers the highest profit contribution,’ said Dave Manning. ‘The almost negligible setup times and the high printing speed of up to 328 ft/min are key here and central to efficient production.’

‘The transformation from flexo to digital has finally got underway with the Tau RSCi. It’s had a bigger impact on our business model than any other investment. After only a year, we’re already considering installing a second Tau very soon to enable us to expand into new market segments,’ concluded DJ Manning.


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