IGS takes delivery of four Titanium cutters

Two UK-based label converters confirmed orders for Titanium 330-R cutters.

International Graphic Supplies (IGS), the UK-based machinery supplier, has taken delivery of four Titanium cutters supplied by the Chinese cutting manufacturer JWEI. All four machines will be installed with existing Titanium users, including two label converters.

All four machines will be installed with existing Titanium users. This includes two of the Titanium 2516 with routers heading to Colour Banners in Fleetwood and The Cut Factory in Pontyclun, adding additional capacity to their first Titanium cutters installed over three years.

The delivery also included two Titanium 330-R Label cutters being installed at The Sticker Shop in Bristol and a Label Printer located on the East Coast. Both these companies have over four years’ experience with their Titanium 2516 installs for label production.

Peter Flynn, managing director at IGS, commented: ‘We recognize the significance and power of repeat customer orders which greatly impacts our business growth and success. Their continued patronage helps increase brand credibility and spread positive word-of mouth influence on new prospects looking to purchase similar machinery.

‘Repeat customers not only bring in consistent income to the business, but they are also more likely to purchase our new products for example the new Titanium 330-R reel to reel label cutter. We get great constructive feedback from our existing customer base and this feedback is invaluable in product development and service improvement.

‘At IGS the deal closing is not the end of the sales process, but the start of a customer relationship.’