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  • 30 Jun 2020

Impress confirms second MPS press purchase

Russian printer Impress confirmed an order for its second, fully automated MPS EFA+ 430 press

Russian printer Impress located in Barnaul, Siberia has confirmed an order for the second, fully automated MPS EFA+ 430 press to further increase its label production capacity and expand smart label production options.

The converter ordered an 8-color 430 mm wide, fully automated MPS EFA+ flexo press. The MPS 'Beyond the Machine-approach' with Talk to me connectivity platform was the deciding factor in this second press purchase.

‘We’re highly focused on information technology and Industry 4.0 as automation and process improvement are a top priority at Impress,’ said Pavel Startcev, owner of Impress. ‘Based on experience with our first MPS flexo press, the machine has proven very reliable performance and produces outstanding final product quality. We decided again for MPS, as its innovation in connectivity is truly impressive. Together with increasing production, we’re ready to make a huge step in connectivity and process automation.’

MPS Systems can help converters in making the transformation to the smart label industry by giving printers more insights into their processes and equipment productivity by connecting presses and workflows with MIS for real-time data exchange and control.

‘We’re interested in obtaining the maximum amount of data from our MPS press, to analyze parameters of our printing jobs and increase productivity,’ said Konstantin Kokin, managing director of Impress. ‘Buying the press with built-in Talk to Me connectivity, we understand that in addition to helping us gain direct insight into the cost price per label, it also helps make our entire production more transparent in process automation. We’ll know the exact values of waste consumption, machine capacity, setup time, job management, quality and more useful data without relying on inputs from print operators. We believe MPS is the right choice for the future of Impress. We look forward to the press installation and further exploring the power of MPS.’

The order has been confirmed during the recent video call: ‘Thanks to today’s technology, we can continue customer contact in a virtual way as face-to-face closed interaction is to be avoided around the world due to COVID-19,’ said Zhukov. ‘This is also an example of how connectivity shows us new ways of doing business. We are still connected, even from a distance.’



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