Natrop invests in N78 Plus Polar cutter

Family-owned German print business Natrop Druck has invested in a new N78 Plus Polar cutter and the compatible RA-2 jogger.

(L-R) Magnus Natrop 'Senior' provides active support to his son Magnus Natrop who manages the business
Magnus Natrop is already the third generation to run the print shop. While the fourth generation is already scurrying through the print shop in its infancy, the family actively supports the business. Printing is done on an SM 52 from Heidelberg as well as on a digital press. The print shop mainly does commercial printing and specializes in VDA labels for automotive suppliers and all types of adhesive labels and tags. 
A Polar 78E cutter was being used at Natrop facility for almost 25 years. With a new N78 Plus cutter, the workflow is to be modernized. With the same cutting width as 78E, the graphic programming automation now ensures a largely automated workflow. 
Since N78 was a demonstration machine, the purchase was made directly through the Hofheim-based Polar Mohr. The handling and installation went smoothly. The matching RA-2 jogger, also a demonstration machine, was also purchased. The second purchase was arranged within two telephone calls.