Pashupati opts for Indian ERP software

Pashupati Propylene Industries Group, based in Nepal, has installed enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from Kiran Consultants in India.

Screen shot of the CRM screen showing performance overview of marketing representatives

The group has opted for 10 user licenses of Flexibiz Lite ERP software for its four plants and warehouses in different locations. The group consists of two companies, Laminar and Pashupati Polypropylene Industries, which have a combined capacity to produce over 300 metric tons of PE film and 200 metric tons of laminates every month. The group also has a multi layer blown plant and a BOPP adhesive tape plant.

Birendra Rathi, director of Pashupati Propylene, said: ‘We opted for the industry specific software for packaging because it runs on web and handles various verticals such as materials, production, sales, distributions, accounts amongst others efficiently across our multiple plants efficiently.’ 

Gaurav Bansal, director of marketing at Kiran Consultants, explained: ‘The software not only enables web access on real time data but also has consolidated all companies under the group. It controls credit limit of customers in a group wise manner, tracks sales orders and assists in inventory management at different locations.’

Kiran Consultants has also developed dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) software for packaging and labels. ‘We initially had just job estimation module in our ERP for packaging. Our team then extended the software and came out with CRM software as a service (SaaS), detailing job estimation, quotations, follow-ups, leads management, marketing rep performance and post-sale customer complaint handling,’ added Bansal.

Kiran Consultants trained seven people in different departments on-site in a span of 30 days. 

Though the ERP has a mobile application as well, Pashupati Propylene has not opted for it yet. The company has installed its own server in-house and taken radio frequency links to connect to their various locations. The ERP can be hosted on cloud server and run from anywhere.

Kiran Consultants is in the process of implementing a similar ERP at two different packaging firms in India.