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  • 26 Nov 2021

Printi opts for Durst Tau 330 RSC press

Printi, has renewed its partnership with Durst for the label printing segment through the investment in a second model of the Tau line, this time opting for a 330 RSC model

Brazilian converter headquartered in Barueri, close to São Paulo city, Printi, has renewed its partnership with Durst for the label printing segment through the investment in a second model of the Tau line, this time opting for the 330 RSC model.

Founded in 2012 by Florian Hagenbuch and Mate Pencz, since 2014, Printi has received investments from the Cimpress Group, which, in 2020, became the company's main shareholder. Since its creation, the printer has specialized in producing high-quality prints on-demand and customized prints. 

‘Of our 437 employees, 35 are dedicated to the technology area in our company,’ said Paulo Medeiros, industrial manager of Printi. ‘Printi focused on the labels segment since 2017. Today, we have more than 350 products in our portfolio, including printed labels on different types of substrates. And from the beginning, Durst was chosen as our partner.’

The first investment in a Tau 330E five years ago was based on the partnership that Durst already had internationally with the Cimpress Group. However, the process has been different with the second machine (scheduled to install in January 2022). 

‘Durst and its structure in Brazil had a direct influence on the choice of brand and equipment for this new investment, which had the objective of meeting our growing demand. During the pandemic period, we had a 300 percent growth in our demand for labels and we were at our limit,’ added Medeiros. ‘Durst was once again chosen through its Tau 330 RSC technology.

‘The survey was based on the quality and productivity of the equipment, but what, finally, ended up surprising us positively was the operating cost, 21 percent lower and which will allow us to have a differentiated margin for adhesive products. In addition, the new technology of the Tau 330 RSC will allow us to gain speed, with 45 percent more productivity, and improve quality. The new print head technology allows printing in fine resolution with two picolitre dots, which was a very important evolution.’

According to Medeiros, the new Tau 330 RSC and all Printi's investments in printing technology and intelligence renew the company's commitment to the principles that guided its creation nine years ago.

‘We work with state-of-the-art technology because we need to deliver high quality in the short term, offering our customers an efficient online platform to order their prints on various substrates. Durst's commercial and technical structure in Brazil was also fundamental to our decision because, in addition to the productivity and quality of the equipment, we also have local, close support. With the minimum delivery period that we work with, we cannot have the machine stopped,’ concluded Medeiros.


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