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  • 28 Jun 2019

Russian printer acquires two Comexi presses

Comexi F2 ML installed at Russian printer, Tom

Russian label printing company, Tom, a part of KDV Group has acquired a Comexi F2 ML and a Comexi F2 MC Girona flexographic presses.

Sergey Maltsev, deputy general manager at Tom, said: ‘In 2018, we installed these two new presses making it a total of six Comexi machines on our production floor. As a result of the print speed and quality offered by Comexi products, we have been competitive in the market for more than 10 years. We are very satisfied with the quality technical service and timely support provided by the company's specialists at any stage of production. We look forward to continuing this valuable collaboration with Comexi.’

Both 10-color presses allow Tom to print at a maximum speed of 500m/min and has reduced changeover times.

Alexander Rabassa, Comexi area manager in this region, said: ‘Tom is one of our most important global clients, and I am very proud of the success of our long-term relationship. The new F2 ML and F2 MC presses provide the highest printing quality with the minimum waste and quick changeover, thereby increasing production efficiency and equipment amortisation.’

Tom specializes in manufacturing products for flexible packaging within the KDV Group. It is catering to pet food, gardening bags, wrap around bottles and cans segments amongst others. KDV Group owns several brands including Yashkino, 3 Korochki, Beerka and Babkini Semiechki, making it one of the largest manufacturers of confectionery and snack foods in Russia.

While the Comexi F2 ML is well suited for the demands of the polyethylene market, offering quality at high speeds, large repeat prints and adaptability; the Comexi F2 MC flexo machine performs medium and long runs in the flexible packaging market for the retail and wholesale channels.

These two presses incorporate the Cingular Real2 system which is based on viewing 100 percent of the printing job and has the latest register and printing unit pressure setpoint technology. It allows an automatic, real, precise and repetitive setpoint with a minimum loss of web and time.

‘The world is evolving faster than ever, that’s why Comexi, together with its innovation center, Manel Xifra Boada Technological Center, Comexi CTec, is constantly developing and implementing new technologies, allowing us to offer our clients the latest in advancements and improved efficiency day after day,’ concluded Rabassa.


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