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  • 08 Oct 2015

Jinnestål Etikett makes digital investment

Xeikon 3300 reel-to-reel digital printing system installed at the Swedish label printer with a near line fully equipped GM DcoatIn the future, Jinnestål Etikett may become a fully digital company

Swedish label printer Jinnestål Etikett has invested in a Xeikon 3300 reel-to-reel digital printing system with a near line fully equipped GM Dcoat converting system to help it create a seamless, highly flexible workflow, with optimized print production supported by Label Traxx integration.

The company first invested in the MIS system before installing the digital press, and Peter Klingberg, owner of Jinnestål Etikett, said: ‘We began thinking about investing in digital three years ago by evaluating different MIS systems. We wanted a digital technology that matched or offered better quality than competing systems on the market. We finally chose Label Traxx because it had the right people with a digital profile and implemented the software in 2014. Lean production was paramount with the need of the business to profitably address declining run lengths and increasing order numbers.’

In summer this year, in the next step towards greater digital print production, Jinnestål Etikett installed a roll-to-roll Xeikon 3300 digital label press that replaced a phased out flexo press. The new press seamlessly integrated with Label Traxx software to streamline production. Another important criteria of the investment decision in the Xeikon digital label press was the fact it met FDA and food certification standards.

‘We were looking for a solution that could automate our production as much as possible. The Xeikon 3300 with Label Traxx integration does exactly that. This configuration means less manual operation which results in fewer errors for leaner production. Our management information, order handling and processing have significantly improved, planning is more flexible and also customer communication is smoother.’

‘Using JDF from Label Traxx means the full production chain is automated in the digital production and enables even more efficiency,’ added Jeroen Van Bauwel, director of product management at Xeikon. ‘The Xeikon X-800 workflow receives selective order data from Label Traxx and job intake is made very efficient. The press can also report production data back to the MIS such as media usage, toner usage and production time. Later this year, a new customer portal will be launched that will allow label buyers to follow orders and execute new jobs via e-com. This will be a valuable next step in Jinnestål’s automation development.’

‘It’s great to see that work with our strategic partners such as Xeikon, can directly impact the productivity of our mutual customers,’ continued Label Traxx President Ken Meinhardt. ‘Once a job is finished on the Xeikon 3300, the toner usage is sent back to Label Traxx providing instant access to accurate job profitability in a seamless workflow.’

In the future, Jinnestål Etikett may become a fully digital company. ‘We have fallen for digital completely, even considering to  become a fully digital company,’ said Klingberg. ‘Everything seems simplified and more flexible with digital so far. The Xeikon 3300 compared with other technologies it is the best in its class. Also the level of production uptime exceeds our expectations.’


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