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  • 01 Oct 2015

3D printing taking place at Labelexpo Europe 2015

A Stratasys 3D printer in the Smart Packaging Lab at Labelexpo Europe 2015A Leapfrog Creatr HS 3D printer on AV Flexologic's stand at Labelexpo Europe 2015

3D printing has been presented by a handful of suppliers on the show floor at Labelexpo Europe 2015, with additive manufacturing capturing the interest and imagination of attendees at the show.

In the Smart Packaging Lab in hall 11, Stratasys had a number of its 3D printers producing items live on the show floor. It also has a number of pre-printed examples that highlight the variety of potential applications and uses for 3D printing, from the professional, such as components and spare parts, to fun items, such as a life-size model of the famous Manneken Pis statue in Brussels.

On the AV Flexologic stand in hall 6, daughter company Leapfrog showed two units, the Xeed professional 3D printer and Creatr HS high-speed model, with both producing items live on the stand. Samples showed both the types of items that can be produced, and the different materials, and as such different finishes, which can be achieved.

Leapfrog’s Frank Valkenburg detailed how the units are already working to produce industrial components, with one plate mounter on AV Flexologic’s stand at Labelexpo Europe 2015 featuring 3D printed components, and noted how interest from the label and packaging market in the technology will be for the production of hardware components and spare parts. 

David Pittman


David Pittman is former deputy editor of Labels & Labeling.

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