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  • 09 Mar 2009

Chadwicks launches shrink sleeves for pots

UK-based packaging company Chadwicks has launched a recyclable shrink sleeve specially designed for pots. Assuming the role of both label and cardboard sleeve, the new product has the potential to reduce packaging weight by up to 70 percent, costs by 30 percent and CO2 emissions due to reduced transport weight, according to the company.

Chadwicks’ Innovation Team will be driving unique projects to create tailor made, innovative packaging solutions based on individual customer briefs and initiatives.

With the majority of food manufacturers that are using cups still employing conventional cardboard sleeves, labeling or direct printing, this alternative packaging application will bring the UK in line with the rest of Europe, where the technique is widespread.

Particularly practical for multipack or duo products, the pots are stacked lid-to-lid and the shrink sleeve is applied to the product using a hot melt adhesive. Individual pots can then be separated via a specially designed horizontal perforation where the pots meet, which then allows the sleeve to remain intact on the individual pots for both aesthetic and brand-endorsement purposes. 

Once the consumer has finished with the product, the whole sleeve can then be removed via a vertical perforation along the length of the pots for ease of recycling.

The sleeve is reported to create efficiency throughout the production process; firstly from a packaging point of view, right through to saving space on retail shelves. Due to its design, the shrink sleeve is compatible with normal pre-cut lids, which makes it suited to dips, yoghurts, cream and other chilled products using pots.

Kursat Uysal, business development manager at Chadwicks, said: ‘This is a fantastic achievement for Chadwicks as we are now able to provide a dual-service to our existing and potential customers. By offering both pre-cut lidding and shrink sleeve services together, customers can now talk to one company instead of two.

‘There are so many practical advantages to using this service. Customers will be able to receive a more convenient, integrated service, cutting down the time spent in separate meetings, dealing with endless invoices and other practical aspects, such as color-matching. And the fact that the new concept is very user-friendly and easily recyclable makes it even more exciting.’

Chadwicks, based in Bury, is a manufacturer of pre-cut lids to market sectors including food, dairy and beverage markets and exports 50 per cent of its output as far afield as the Far East, Australia and New Zealand. Heavily supported by parent company Clondalkin Group, Chadwicks has recently moved into the shrink sleeves market.

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