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  • 02 Oct 2009

Cycle4Green founded for de-siliconized pulp production

Petri Tani of Finland has formed Cycle4Green, a company with an innovative concept to produce de-siliconized market pulp. The focus of Cycle4Green will be to provide de-siliconized pulp to the virgin base paper industry, allowing it to become more sustainable. 
Tani has joined forces with Calvin Frost of Channeled Resources to initiate a Life Cycle scheme in Europe that includes the collection of spent liner, repulping and removal of silicone, and then the sale of the pulp to selected base paper manufacturers.
This will be the first commercial operation of its type in the Western Hemisphere and will eliminate the carbon footprint of sending recyclable spent liners to the Asia-Pacific region for consumption. It will also allow virgin base paper manufacturers to become more sustainable by supporting the complete life cycle of paper liners. Tani and Frost will present their progress at the next Global AWA Release Liner Conference in Amsterdam in the spring of 2010.

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