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  • 13 Dec 2012

Four Pees partners with ColorLogic

Four Pees, a distributor of software for the print and publishing industry, has partnered with ColorLogic, a developer of color management systems. Four Pees will be the international distributor for products such as CoPrA, ZePrA and ColorAnt.

ColorLogic adds a wide range of high-quality color systems to the Four Pees product portfolio. ‘When we started talking to ColorLogic about a possible partnership, we were immediately impressed by the quality of the products,’ said Tom Peire, CEO at Four Pees. ‘They are very reliable; a knowledgeable technical team continuously improves the products and searches for new solutions for customers in day-to-day color reproduction.’

Barbara Braun-Metz, CEO at ColorLogic, said: ‘We believe that Four Pees is the perfect match as ColorLogic is a very technology driven company and Four Pees starts, where our work stops – delivering our products to the market. They have proven their skills and market knowledge with other solutions; so we trust our products, resellers and customers will be in good hands.’

ColorLogic has a range of color management options built on open standards such as ICC and DeviceLink profiles, which work on Mac and Windows.

’Color management can be very complicated, but our experience is that customers simply want their production to work smoothly with as little distraction as possible,’ commented David van Driessche, CTO, Four Pees. ‘The ColorLogic solutions are unique because they streamline setup and maintenance by using powerful wizards with built-in intelligence while still allowing advanced customization by color experts’.

Dietmar Fuchs, product manager at ColorLogic, added: ‘We develop great tools and have established ourselves as a market leader in hardware calibration of monitors, soft proofing and as a quality leader in DeviceLink Technology (DVL). It’s great to see our technology used to help streamline workflows at our customers worldwide.’

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