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  • 02 Oct 2009

hl-repro introduces HD Flexo at Labelexpo

A number of companies teamed up at Labelexpo Europe to present HD Flexo technology from EskoArtwork. Danish flexo plate and sleeve maker hl-repro demonstrated the process at the GSB-Wahl stand.

‘High resolution 4000 dpi optics deliver accurate, sharp imaging of text and line art. With this high resolution, the optics deliver more clearly defined, better shaped screen dots, because the dots are made of many more pixels. Today the resolution is 2540 x 2540 = 6.45 million pixels per square inch; HD Flexo will be 4000 x 4000 = 16 million pixels per squaree inch,’ said a spokesperson in a statement. ‘The rounder dot shape means that they are more stable on the press, resulting in longer print runs with the same printing plate, less press stops for wash-ups, and greater productivity. HD screening places both large and small dots in the highlight areas to extend the tonal range to a much smaller percentage value than was previously possible with digital flexo. A smooth vignette transition throughout the highlights to ‘zero’ without visible, hard edges was always the goal for plate makers and flexo printers. With HD Flexo we will be a lot closer to that target.’

The partners that presented the technology at Labelexpo were:

hl-repro a/s – design, repro and platemaking

DuPont and EskoArtwork – plate material and platemaking technology

GSB Druckfarben – UV printing inks

Zecher – anilox rollers, 600 l/cm

Nilpeter – printing press FA-4

Etiflex Denmark – label printer