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  • 15 Dec 2017

Indonesian company diversifies to digital label printing

Danny Lim, sales and managing director at Theia

Cahaya Jakarta Group, a 26-year old conglomerate based in Indonesia, that which specializes in letterpress and flexography label printing, created an independent company, Theia, in 2017 for its digital label printing business in Jakarta.

Danny Lim, sales and marketing director at Theia, explained: ‘The new company is dedicated to digital label printing and specializes in short runs and customized printing with quicker turnaround time. Life cycle, batch cycle and repeat orders are on a decline so we look at variance in products and value that can be offered to customers.

‘This is possible with digital equipment because we can print as less as one label and don’t need plates. The sales and marketing strategy for digitally printed labels, thus, is different from its parent company because we cater to different requirements of customers. Hence, the decision was taken to create a separate entity.’

Anything less than 2000 linear meters is considered short run at Theia. The flexography business of the group normally requires between 2000 to 4000 linear meters, depending on the complexity of the job, to start production.

Lim has identified opportunities for both flexo as well as digital printing in the country. ‘Big brand owners want to decorate their labels with hot foil stamping, matte varnish, matte and gloss lamination so they stand out on the shelf. Some companies even like to apply a hologram as a security feature to create an appealing effect. Different techniques are being used in combination on one label to make the product look good.’

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