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  • 09 Sep 2014

Labelexpo Americas 2014 exhibitor preview: A-C

Berkeley Machinery shows its new Autoflex Excel AS300 automatic high-speed shrink film sleeving machine

Labels & Labeling previews exhibitors at Labelexpo Americas 2014, with those companies falling into the A-C alphabetical group detailed below.

AAA Press | AB Graphic | Afinia Label | Allen Datagraph Systems | Allison Systems Corporation | Andantex USA | Apex Group of Companies | Appvion | Armor | Ashe America | Anderson & Vreeland | Atlantic Zeiser | Avery Dennison | AVT | AzTech | Berhalter | Berkeley Machinery | Beta Industries | Bitek Technology | Bluestar Silicones | Brotech | Cartes | CERM | Channeled Resources Group | Codimag | Collins Inkjet | Color-Dec | Colordyne | CTC

AAA Press

AAA Press introduces the Combo Lightouch UV with Maximizer IR drying system for a compact in-line system that is easily retrofitted into most converting lines. This combo dryer offers space savings as it incorporates a piggy-backed IR dryer with in-line UV, one small electronic control cabinet and a shared exhaust system for either drying method.   

The drying system combines the UV lamp cassette offered in the Lightouch UV line with the proven Maximizer Electric Impinged Air Infrared drying system in four-, six- or nine-bulb configurations. Both systems are PLC Controlled allowing the operator to select either UV or IR in each station for the desired ink system.

AB Graphic

AB Graphic launches its Digicon Series 3 label converting line, incorporating flat-bed hot foiling, flexo printing, over laminating and a newly designed flat-bed UV screen printing unit. The maximum web width has been increased to 350mm (13.75in) as well as the maximum unwind and rewind rolls being increased to 800mm (31.5in).  Also new for the US market is the Digilase laser label cutting system equipped with unwind, self wound/carrier rewind, rewind web advance, bar code job changes for I-Score and auto-slit for non-stop production capability. The new Omega SRI label inspection rewinder will also be introduced. Operation can be either sitting or standing. The included fleyeVision inspection system integrates with the machine’s HMI.

Visitors to the HP stand can see demonstrations of the new Digicon 3000 converting line for 30in webs.

Afinia Label

Afinia Label demonstrates its L801 inkjet printer using Memjet technology, and the R635 dry toner printer, for labels that comply with GHS and BS5609 regulations.

Allen Datagraph Systems

Allen Datagraph Systems demonstrates its iTech digital label systems, the Centra HS and Axxis HS.

Allison Systems Corporation

Allison Systems Corporation will exhibit two new products for flexo applications, including a new line of cleaning products for water-based and UV inks. The cleaners are specially formulated solutions designed to remove dried inks from various surfaces on contact. They are operator and environmentally safe, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and diluted with water. The company also introduces a new end seal for high-speed flexo chambered applications. The new seal will provide longer life while minimizing leakage when compared to other typical end seal types and is available for many chamber designs, says the company.


Following the launch of its Active Cavitation at Labelexpo Europe last year, Alphasonics demonstrates this to the American market, alongside a new technology which alternates between varying ultrasonic frequencies in one cleaning cycle. On the booth, Alphasonics will also be broadcasting its anilox roll cleaning trial Safe with Sound, which was recently streamed live from its facility. The purpose of the trial was to address myths surrounding anilox roll damage, which proved a huge hit with viewers worldwide. 

Andantex USA

Andantex USA introduces a new digital web tension controller. The new DGT300+, Merobel digital controller, replaces the DGT 300, with updated electronics. Among the new DGT300+ features are a new user-friendly graphic interface, USB port for connecting to a PC, and a TCP-IP connection protocol.

Apex Group of Companies

Apex launches its lightweight series of UltraCell anilox rolls and GTTLABEL, a new engraving technology for anilox rolls. The company also presents the results of the REVO project, led by Nuova Gidue, which has demonstrated ‘a clear benefit to process control and efficiency’ using Apex GTT rolls. The patented GTTLABEL roller employs a radical open slalom ink channel geometry allowing ink to flow precisely onto a printing plate, combined with a hybrid ceramic and laser imaging.


Appvion showcases Résiste 185-3.3, a light top coated direct thermal face stock designed primarily for weigh scale label applications; Résiste RX top coated direct thermal face stock engineered for pharmacy prescription vial labels; and its PolyTherm direct thermal film portfolio.


Thermal Transfer ribbon technology developer Armor launches its APX FH+ wax/resin ribbon dedicated to flat head printers such as Zebra, Datamax, TSC, Sato and Intermec. The APX FH+ ribbon is claimed to offer a level of performance close to that of ‘certain resin-based products while retaining the flexibility and high-speed print capacity of a wax-resin product’. Enhanced ink sensitivity offers greater barcode printing sharpness, even at 90deg, providing an excellent finish for logos and diagrams, in addition to Improved compatibility with paper-based vellum materials. Improved print quality is offered at speeds up to 300mm/s (12in/s).

Ashe America

Ashe America launches the patented Opal glueless four-spindle turret slitter rewinder. Driven via all AC servo motor system, the turret allows for no tooling set up operation between slit and core size changes. Changing the four airshafts is the only manual intervention required when moving from one size of winding core to another. The standard off-line model will be demonstrated running continuous 1in and 3in core work. In-line and off-line models are available as standard within the range.

Anderson & Vreeland

Anderson & Vreeland introduces Konica Minolta’s C70RLC label press, designed to fill the gap between entry-level and higher-end label presses. Also on the stand is AV Flexologic’s semi-automatic mounting machine (SAMM 1100).

Atlantic Zeiser

Atlantic Zeiser launches the DigiLine Booklet, which provides audit-proof encoding and verification of booklet labels for clinical trials. DigiLine Booklet encodes booklets up to 4mm thick – that cannot be processed with thermal transfer technology – and allows high-quality UV-inkjet print on fully and partially transparent label stocks. An integrated inspection-camera ensures process safety by checking every processed label. Misprinted, unprinted or missing labels are reported instantly. Areas of manual splices will be automatically rechecked with the integrated camera. A second camera ensures the lateral alignment of the print position on each label. The transport mechanism ensures gentle transport of different label formats with large diameter rolls and a single bending direction.  Web tension is adjustable and thanks to the sensor-operated web-edge control even telescoped mother rolls may be processed.

Avery Dennison Label & Packaging Materials

Avery Dennison introduces a number of new products, which includes the new point-of-purchase and vulcanization tire label portfolios, designed to improve shelf appeal and tracking. The POP portfolio features a proprietary white polypropylene film that prevents staining and eliminates curling for stronger brand appeal in retail applications. Vulcanization labels offer improved barcode printing for tracking and safety elements. The CleanFlake portfolio is a range of label materials designed to advance the recycling of PET containers. CleanFlake incorporates a switchable adhesive that separates from the PET flake upon recycling, resulting in pure PET flakes. CleanFlake was recently expanded to include roll-fed sleeve constructions. ClearCut S7450 is a premium adhesive for wine and spirits and non-alcoholic beverages with excellent wet-out even on light-weight or re-used glass bottles. S7450 is specifically designed for conversion and dispensing of exceptional large and complex label shapes typical for wine and spirits applications.

Advanced Vision Technology

AVT upgrades its PrintFlow workflow with PrintFlow Online ll, an inline data editing tool providing live quality status and production numbers via live display or MIS communication. New process and quality control technologies include the Helios ll S, which inspects holographic foils and other special effects. Also premiering are two new narrow web flexo press control technologies currently being utilized by Nilpeter and Nuova Gidue, providing automatic pressure and AVT has collaborated with HP to integrate its Apollo 20000 into the new HP Indigo 20000 digital press designed specifically for packaging printing.


New from AzTech is the Matrix modular label finishing platform. The base system configuration is equipped with a 40in diameter unwind, LasX LaserSharp 400 watt laser, waste winding, and 26in diameter finished roll rewind capability. The system is available in 10in, 13in, 18in and 20in web widths and operates at speeds of up to 500ft/m. A wide range of processing modules are available including flexo print/coating units, 4-color digital printing, laminating, hot or cold foil, semi-rotary die-cutting, vision registration and barcode reading. A 10in or 13in wide matrix system, with a base system configuration starts at 259,000 USD.


Berhalter launches its PRElaser technology. A typical application is multipack yoghurt lids, which can now be pre-perforated using the PRElaser system, so the yoghurt pots can be individually snapped off and separated without the lid being unintentionally removed. Berhalter also demonstrates its inline inspection system directly on the die-cutting machine, allowing defective material to be  passed through the tool area without being punched to deliver 100% controlled products.

Berkeley Machinery

Berkeley Machinery shows its new Autoflex Excel AS300 automatic high-speed shrink film sleeving machine. The seaming system converts sleeves speeds up to 300m/m and the short web path allows for very low wastage on material, as well as fast make-ready.

Beta Industries

Beta Industries launches the BetaFold handheld carton crease analyser. The operator needs only one click for each critical analysis. Statistics are automatically calculated, reports are generated for documentation and process control. The unit will measure bead and crease dimensions, folding angle, cut-score penetration, counter channel depth and width, embossing and debossing. It will detect errors in registration and tool alignment, changes in die penetration due to knife wear, inconsistent impression due to die and counter wear. Also shown is the latest BetaFlex Pro 3D/2D flexo plate and image analyzer, which incorporates new capabilities such as the ability to measure letterpress plates, measurement of sleeved plates.

Bitek Technology Inc (Anytron)

Bitek Technology introduces the any-001 and any-002 desktop color label presses with the any-cut desktop laser die cutter. The presses have an output speed of 9m/m, generating 5,000 labels in two hours and are bundled with software supporting color management and variable data processing including QR codes, barcodes and numbering. The laser die-cutter has a maximum output speed of 18m/m, or 5,000 labels/hour, and can both cut and mark simultaneously. The any-cut laser source lasts for more than 10,000 hours. Also shown by the company is the any-blade roll-to-roll die-cutter, which does not require dies to be made and supports a 300mm cutting width that covers the print width of the digital label printer. any-blade has a slitter option. It ships with a Windows driver but can also be run via an SD card where no PC is available.

Bluestar Silicones

Bluestar Silicones will discuss the latest developments in silicone materials for the label industry. At the show, the company will introduce a flat release profile polymer along with a premium release additive and a crosslinking agent to meet growing demand.


Brotech is to show a range of label converting and finishing systems, including the Eurotech SDF, Eurotech CDF and Eurotech TR. The Eurotech SDF digitally printed label converting and finishing system is capable of operating in semi-rotary and rotary modes, with quick and easy exchange, while a servo driven flexo unit with automatic registration system can be used for cold foil, laminating, coating , super varnishing and more. Eurotech CDF, also a digitally printed label converting and finishing system, can be used for water-based priming, coating, varnish, laminating etc, or with conveyor a for IML sheeting. The Eurotech TR turret rewind system allows for high-speed label roll finishing without the need for press speeds to decrease due to turret cycle time because of attachment to the press. The four-spindle turret allows for quick mandrel changeover and set-up times, which coupled with a touchscreen HMI operator control interface, makes the machine both interactive and user friendly. It is available in a variety of web widths.


Cartes shows an advanced version of its established GT series now including a semi-rotary die-cutting unit and on-board job parameter storage.


New features in the CERM MIS include: improvements for handling sleeves and flexible packaging; interfaces to finishing equipment  from AVT and ABG; extended LILO (lead-in lead out) management when ganging in CERM; extending Web4Labels to end-customers and to salespeople on the road (allowing quotes for renewal, quick quotes and RFQ’s); and an improved integration with Esko WebCenter.

Channeled Resources Group

Channeled Resources Group is highlighting three new product lines: tape, release liner, and unsupported papers and films. The company’s tape line will include splicing tapes, double sided tapes and gaffer tapes. Release liners will be 42, 53 and 78# paper, and 1mm PET amongst others. The company’s unsupported line of products will include 53 and 60lbs semi-gloss facers, 8, 10 and 12pt tag stock, as well as 2mm TC clear and white BOPP, and lightweight tear resistant laminated papers, for durable applications – as alternatives to synthetic papers.


For the first time in the US, Codimag will organize AnifloLive, during which label printers will have the opportunity to challenge the Viva 340 Aniflo with their own jobs. Aniflo is an anilox offset technology, designed for high-quality, short-run label work. With a short file to print time, printers will see on the booth file separation, platemaking and job set-up. Once the job is on press, Codimag will also show colour adjustment. According to the customer file, color separation will be done in six-color process, using Equinox by Esko.

Collins Inkjet

Collins Inkjet launches a full series of low migration inks for packaging and label applications including water-based, UV, LED, and now EB cure inks. New to the range are EB Inks formulated similarly to UV and LED cure inks, but without the use of photo initiators. Rather, electron beam irradiation cures the ink completely, creating an odorless, high quality image. Water–based inks are considered ‘safe’ fluids because they are comprised mostly of water and colorant, although substrate limitations still exist when compared to the energy curable inks, says Collins.


Color-Dec introduces what the company says is the first one-axis, three-component doming machine with glitter, perfume and color dispensing capabilities. The Domes machine model 610W-G simultaneously dispenses resin, catalysts and CDI special additives with glitter, colors and perfumes.


Colordyne launches the CDT 3600, the latest addition to Colordyne’s Production Class family of digital print systems. The CDT 3600 Series prints up to 225 ft/min (69 m/min) and at a resolution of 1600 x 1375dpi and has an enhanced web handling system with closed loop tension control. The CDT 3600 Series is available in similar configurations to CDT’s existing Production Class platforms - roll-to-roll, rotary die-cutting and laser die-cutting finishing capabilities with in-line UV-varnish or lamination capabilities.


CTC introduces a new roll closure system for its line of turret rewinders. Instead of using glue and die cut labels to close rolls, this system uses ordinary low-cost tape to close the rolls wound on the turret rewinder. The length of tape applied to close the roll is adjustable, depending on the customer’s needs.